ERP in Rwanda

ERP in Rwanda

Rwanda-erpLocated in East and Central Africa, Rwanda is a landlocked sovereign state bordered by Burundi, Uganda, Tanzania and other states. In the west of this rural country, the topography is generally dominated by mountains and you will find numerous lakes throughout the country. By 1994, Rwanda possessed a population of 7 million people with various ethnic groups like Tutsi, Hutu and Twa. The climate of this country generally remains sub-tropical to temperate including two dry and two rainy seasons every year.


Rwandan Economy – A Glance

The economy of Rwanda is dominated by agriculture, which covers the involvement of 90% of the entire population. The Agriculture is primarily of the subsistence agriculture variety with rain-fed production and small fragmented farms. For the industrial sector, there aremany natural resources in Rwanda. On the steep slopes and cool climate of the mountains, coffee and tea farming is done which ensures accessibility to crucial foreign exchange. In the year 2006, the country recorded a high economic growth. With the growth of infrastructure since then, the country is one of the fastest growing economies within Africa. Besides agriculture, the Rwandan economy depends upon coffee, tea, tourism, mining and other commercial activities.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Rwanda

An effective ERP software can help a Rwandan enterprise to expand their business in Rwanda and beyond. It does this by streamlining the business processes of the enterprise, reducing the wastage of precious resources and increasing its competitiveness. An ERP Software is a powerful Enterprise Automation Software offeringflexibility along with a comprehensive set of global functionalities. The Human Capital Management (HCM) Module assists in automating and managing the Human Resources of the organization in a proper manner. ERP also plays a critical role in automating the business processes in the mining, cement manufacturing and retail sectors.Likewise, the Materials Management Module takes complete control of the Budgeting, Imports, Warehousing and Logistics functions for an enterprise.It is universally accepted that an ERP Suite is the perfect business management software for an enterprise which wants to grow its business, enhance its profitability and improve customer satisfaction by ensuring timely deliveries and offering the best possible deals and promotions.


Here are some benefits of an ERP Software that can be successfullyderived in the Manufacturing Sector:


  • Duplication Errors: Due to the process automation and lesser manual entries in a stipulated format, the errors in data captured or the duplication of labor due to data entry at multiple stages can easily be avoided with the help of an ERP software. The ERP System is very user friendly for the beginners and can be easily adopted even by the semi-skilled workforce.
  • Close Connection with Industries:As the ERP vendors are closely connected with the industriesinternationally; they respond very quickly to the changing needs of the market and align their software to take care of these changes. This can serve as a long term assurance to the customers that their business will easily grow with the ERP system.
  • Real Time Data: The business management software can provide accessibility to real time data which is critical for running the business effectively. The ERP Software helps in capturing, analyzing and presenting the data suitably to the Management so that well-informed decisions can be taken by them promptly.
  • Mobile-Friendly:A contemporary and versatile ERP software is device-agnostic and completely mobile friendly and can be accessed through multiple devices. Therefore, it can provide accessibility to the executives who are on the move anytime, anywhere.

Therefore, an effective ERP software plays a great role in the enhancing the productivity of a business enterprise.