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ebizframe ERP : Global Leader in Enterprise Automation

ebizframe ERP Company is a leading Enterprise Automation Solution across Africa, Middle East and India. It has enabled many enterprises across diverse industry verticals to transform themselves from operating in non-integrated environments with scattered islands of information, into integrated, agile and strong global companies wherein the entire operations are managed from a single location.

ebizframe ERP provider is not just multi-everything (multi-location, multi-company, multi-lingual,...) but is also completely Device Agnostic and SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud) enabled. Moreover, ebizframe ERP Systems has user defined workflows, is completely dashboard driven and has a great, easy to use UI (User Interface), thereby taking the operational efficiency of an enterprise to a different level altogether. Supported across the globe directly by its creator, Eastern Software Systems, ebizframe ERP Software system is a highly configurable ERP Solution and ensures rapid Return on Investment due to quick implementations and roll-outs.

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Our Presence

AFRICA : – Algeria – Botswana – Côte d’Ivoire – DRC – Ethiopia – Gambia – Ghana – Kenya – Liberia – Mali – Mauritius – Mozambique – Namibia – Nigeria – Rwanda – Tanzania – UgandaZambia

MIDDLE EAST : Bahrain – Egypt – Kuwait – Oman – Qatar – UAE – Saudi Arabia – Turkey 

SOUTH EAST ASIA : Indonesia – Thailand – Malaysia – Cambodia


We provide state-of-the art ERP Systems and Enterprise Automation Solutions that offer scalability and flexibility to meet the demand of growing enterprises. We transform the businesses of today by making them ready for tomorrow and beyond.

Our Solutions are quickly configurable for diverse industries and seamlessly adapt to your way of working. Over a 1100+ enterprises across 25 countries have benefitted tremendously and altered their future by choosing ebizframe ERP Software Systems, its time you too transformed your business with ebizframe.

ebizframe ERP provides comprehensive automated business management solutions to multi-scaled industries erp software solution.


ebizframe Architecture


Your business will transform with ebizframe ERP by achieving

Operational Excellence

Improvement in productivity through use of systems, processes and tools which are a part of ebizframe as well as improvement of quality and customer service.

Managerial Effectiveness

Better decisions through better information availability, through knowledge of resources available at disposal, through ability to gain flexibility for deployment of the resources.

Strategic Enablement

Get better business growth by focusing your attention on business innovation. Devote less time to the ordinary.

Years of experience

Why ebizframe is an inevitable choice?

Cost Reduction

ebizframe ERP Solutions Company ensures cost reduction across all functions like inventory, marketing and procurement by avoiding duplication of data and availability of right information at the right place.

Quality and Productivity Improvement

ebizframe ERP Software Provider automates the routine, frequently-repeated manual tasks that waste staff time and often result in errors and re-work. As a result, ebizframe enables more efficient completion of day-to-day activities, so staff can perform their jobs better and get more work done in a shorter period of time.

Resource Management

ebizframe ERP Solutions can also help organizations in optimizing the use of their resources. It can help in drastically cutting down Material Wastage, Inventory shortages, delivery pilferage, and help in greatly improving productivity, Customer service, Quality Control, and client’s delivery etc.

Performance Improvement

With ebizframe ERP Systems information is available at the right time so that users can take quick and informed decisions which ultimately contribute to the improvement in performance of the business.

Business Growth/Innovation

An organization powered by a proactive and modern ERP Systems like ebizframe can focus on innovation and growth prospects rather than tangling in routine tasks.

Enable Global Expansion

With ebizframe ERP Software Companies, geographical boundaries are no longer a constraint for your business to expand. ebizframe is multi-lingual and multi-currency ERP which allows you to expand seamlessly to any geography around the world.



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