General Features in various Editions in cloud ERP

General Features in various Editions

Features Basic Standard Enterprise
No. of Named users Upto 5 Upto 10 No limit
No. of companies allowed 1 2 No limit
Flexi Reports Yes Yes Yes
Multi-organization Transactions N 2 business processes 5 business processes
Multi-currency Transactions Y Y Y
SBU Wise Profitability N 1 Level 4 Level
Work Flow/Approval hierarchy 1 Level Upto 2 Levels Upto 5 Levels
Segment/Project No No Yes
Dashboard No 1/module 1/module
No of Graphs/Dashboard No 3 3
No of KPIs/Dashboard No 0 3
e-mail Alert/Module 2 5 7
WhatsApp Alerts/Module 0 0 3
Warehouse creation Upto 1 Upto 3 Warehouse Upto 10 Warehouse
Cloud Back-up Yes Yes Yes
Offline Backups on your own Yes Yes Yes
Back up instance for fall back in case of main server failure No No Yes

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