1. POS system:

  • The POS functionality of ebizframe ERP for Retail Industry typically includes features like barcode scanning, inventory management, and customer relationship management (CRM).
  • Streamlines operation, improves customer satisfaction and increases profitability.
  • Provides customer insights.

2. Markup Price Management:

  • ebizframe ERP for Retail Industry allows to set up of prices based on cost, competition, demand & profit margins.
  • Automates pricing processes.
  • Tracks profitability of individual products.
  • Adjusts pricing strategies to maximize profit based on the market trend and competition.

3. Loyalty card Management :

  • ebizframe ERP manages customer loyalty programs.
  • Tracks customers’ purchases & rewards them for their loyalty.
  • Stores customers & purchase history which can be used to create personalized offers.
  • It can also be integrated with the POS system, allowing customers to earn & redeem rewards at the time of purchase.

4. Multiple-Currency Handling:

  • ebizframe ERP seamlessly manages transactions in different currencies.
  • It manages multiple currencies and assigns specific currencies to customers & suppliers.
  • Tracks payments, invoices & other financial transactions in different currencies.

5. Workflow Automation:

  • It creates a custom workflow & optimizes operations.
  • Reduces manual errors & increasing efficiency

What makes us different from other ERP software systems?


Single stop solution for all businesses. End to end modules from Sales, Inventory, Purchase, Finance, Manufacturing, Planning, Maintenance Workshop, Projects and HR.


Get the information you need in a timely, accurate, and integrated manner. It offers simple visual answers to complicated business concerns.



Embedded to handle repetitive, time consuming tasks. ERP embedded with Robotic Process Automation helps reduce manual labour.



Working on the go or remotely, your business is always with you. In-Built mobile Apps keep you connected to your business at all times.


Talk to your ERP anytime, anywhere on your connected Apple & Android based phones / tablets. This enables Conversational AI in ERP


Manage your business and customer transactions easily and efficiently on a tablet or mobile device from anywhere at any time.

Benefits of ebizframe ERP for Retail Industry

With the rising momentum of digital transformation, ebizframe ERP software is becoming a game-changer for the retail industry. It provides comprehensive end-to-end solutions that allow organizations to handle their business operations more efficiently. Here are some benefits of our ERP for Retail Industry that can help retailers to reduce overhead costs and maximize profits.

1.Improved Inventory Management

ebizframe ERP systems help retailers to track inventory levels, monitor stock movements, and ensure timely replenishment of stocks. This helps retailers to avoid stock outs, minimize inventory carrying costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

2.Enhanced Supply Chain Management

ebizframe ERP systems help retailers to streamline their supply chain operations by providing real-time visibility into supplier performance, production schedules, and delivery schedules. This helps retailers to reduce lead times, improve order fulfilment rates, and optimize logistics costs.

3.Better Customer Relationship Management

ebizframe ERP systems help retailers to manage customer data, preferences, and interactions more effectively. This helps retailers to personalize their marketing efforts, improve customer retention rates, and strengthen customer loyalty.

4.Increased Operational Efficiency

ebizframe ERP systems help retailers to automate routine tasks, eliminate manual errors, and improve overall operational efficiency. This helps retailers to reduce costs, increase productivity, and focus on strategic initiatives.

5.Improved Financial Management

ebizframe ERP systems help retailers to manage financial transactions, track expenses, and generate financial reports more accurately and efficiently. This helps retailers to improve financial visibility, reduce financial risks, and make more informed business decisions.