Oman is situated in the Middle East sharing its land borders with Saudi Arabia, Yemen and UAE. It has a land area in excess of 300,000 sq. km. and shares its sea border with the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Oman is rich in natural resources like petroleum, copper, asbestos, limestone, chromium, gypsum and natural gas. Oman has a population of 3.5 Million of which a sizeable number is expatriates. Oman’s capital city is Muscat and its major seaports are Salalah, Suhar and Mina’ Qabus. Oman experiences a typical desert type of climate with very hot interiors and a hot humid climate along the coast.


Oman has significant oil reserves and more than 80% of its government revenues come from petroleum. The government is actively pursuing a diversification plan to reduce dependence on petroleum and focus on industrialization, privatization and diversification. Tourism and Gas-Based Industries are the main focus of Oman’s diversification drive. Oman’s GDP (PPP) is estimated at US$ 172 Billion of which Industry comprises of 52%, Services 46.5%& and Agriculture 1.5%. Major industries existing in Oman are Crude Oil Production & Refining, Natural & Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Production, Construction, Production of Cement, Copper, Steel and Chemicals. Oman has proven crude oil reserves in excess of 5.2 Billion barrels and its crude oil production is estimated at almost 1 Million Barrels per day.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software have played a major role in bringing about seamless Enterprise Automation in many Omani Enterprises and exposing them to the universally accepted best processes and practices. This has enabled many Omani enterprises and their management to take control over their business operations even when they are spread across diverse locations and countries. A versatile ERP System also ensures that transactional data is always available at the click-of-a-button so that the Management can take well-informed decisions for course-correction or expansion and diversification in real time. ebizframe is the leading ERP Solution in the Middle East and has been a dominant player in the Omani Enterprise Automation market for the past several years.

ebizframe is a versatile ERP System that can be quickly configured and implemented for almost any industry vertical thereby ensuring much faster Return on Investment (RoI) as compared to any other ERP Solution. ebizframe can be securely deployed On-Premises or On-Cloud as per the client’s requirement. Worldwide, ebizframe ERP has been successfully implemented for a 1,000+ clients in 25 countries across 20 industry verticals. To know more about how you can transform the way you do business using ebizframe ERP, please write to us at:


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