Qatar is an extremely influential Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) Member country having a land area of approximately 11,500 sq. km. It shares its border with Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf. It enjoys mild pleasant winters and very hot and humid summers. Qatar is hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022 and the government is focused on improving domestic infrastructure further by establishing advanced healthcare and education systems.


Qatar has one of the highest Crude Oil and Natural Gas Reserves in the world. Its crude oil production is in excess of 1.5 MBD and its annual Natural Gas Production is estimated at 160 Billion Cubic Meters. Qatar’s GDP is US $ 185.4 Billion and the economy is growing at 3-4% annually. Qatar’s per capita GDP is US $ 132,100 which is the highest in the world. Industry comprises 59% of its economy while services constitute approximately 41%. Top industries in Qatar are Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Crude Oil Production and Refining, Fertilizer and Ammonia Production, Petrochemicals, Manufacturing of Steel Reinforced Bars, Cement and Ship Repair. Qatar is rapidly modernizing its infrastructure with many ongoing ambitious projects such as its metro system, light rail system, construction of a new port, roads, stadiums and other related infrastructure.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software have a played an important role in the growth, development and modernization of Qatari enterprises. An ERP System removes distinct islands of information in an organization which don’t communicate with each other and brings all the functions of an enterprise to a single common platform. This enables all the departments to function on the same operational data and the Management to have complete control over their entire business operations in real time. An ERP System also helps organizations to adopt universally accepted best practices and procedures thereby enhancing their productivity significantly.

ebizframe ERP, Middle East’s Premier ERP System has been successfully implemented in many organizations in Qatar across diverse industry verticals such as Oil Rigs, FMCG Sales and Distribution, Retail, Logistics, etc. The latest version of ebizframe ERP, ebizframe was launched in Qatar recently. ebizframe is a Next Generation ERP Solution which transforms the way you do business. ebizframe ERP is completely SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics and Cloud) Enabled and can be quickly configured and implemented for virtually any industry vertical. It is also easy to use and can be comfortably used by a semi-skilled workforce with minimal training.


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