ebizframe ERP software for Fisheries industry comes with advanced quality control check which helps in assuring fish quality in every stage, ensuring no compromise is being made on the product side. The stock management feature in ebizframe ERP, ebizframe ERP can be interfaced with the automated machines in the industry which make the entire process error-free and less time-consuming. Products can be tracked in real-time and the vital information such as the date of arrival can easily be accessed. The scrap management feature in ebizframe ERP helps fish processing industry to move scrap efficiently to another location without being mixed with the regular load. This technique saves time and reduces the workload of employees.

Key benefits of ebizframe ERP software for Fisheries and seafood industry

  • Systematic Fish Procurement process
  • Manifesto based fish procurement along with payment schedule agreed
  • Fish definition and traceability as per fish species, size and grades
  • Complete traceability with QA Quarantine status
  • Fish recovery monitoring at every stage
  • Traceability of stocks and expiry management
  • Reduced machine downtime and improved productivity
  • Accurate Product Costing