Typical challenges faced by the EPC or Construction industry are :

  • Handling multiple project sites at single time.
  • Team communication between multiple project sites and HO.
  • Allocation of all resources (people, machinery, and material).
  • Fund management
  • Keeping track of milestones, targets and achievement.
  • Time and cost overruns
  • Under capitalisation and cash flow management.
  • No mechanism to monitor project wise daily petty cash expense.
  • Cost escalations of raw materials and other resources
  • Regulatory Compliance

ebizframe ERP for EPC or Construction companies brings the following functionality to you

  • Manage multiple nature of projects like Construction, HVAC, Engineering etc. with ease
  • WBS (Work Breakdown Structure) to manage Projects with Multilevel activity.
  • Management of BOQs and uploading BOQs from Excel.
  • BOQ – Item Mapping As Per Tender Specification.
  • Item Wise Rate Analysis As Per BOQ.
  • Estimated profit calculation before bidding based on BOQ.
  • Accurate and Timely Invoices as per Milestones.
  • Two-way integration with MS-Projects.
  • Procurement management.
  • Store Old Bids.
  • Contract Service verification, bill booking, and reconciliation.
  • Maintenance of machines and equipment.
  • Comparison of planned vs Actual progress of projects.
  • Daily Time Sheets for Workforce.
  • Manage Cash flows.
  • Project Wise GL, Trial Balance, P&L and Actual vs. Budgeted Reports.
  • Daily Site Expenditure Records of the Project.
  • Monitor Project Wise Daily Petty Cash Expense.
  • Management of Fixed Assets Across Projects.
  • Built-in Analytics that helps you analyze the real-time data critical for your business.

A client in the EPC Industry saved $ 3,05,000 annually by implementing ebizframe ERP.

As a fully-integrated, comprehensive ERP software for the EPC or Construction industry, ebizframe ERP offers a variety of safeguards to enable EPC Companies, Builders and Contractors make profits in every project they undertake. Every aspect like managing sub-contractors, materials, outsourcing jobs, plant management, etc. is effectively managed using ebizframe ERP software for EPC Industry. With ebizframe ERP you can bolster efficiency and visibility across your project by leveraging our experience gained through successful implementation of our ERP Software in various EPC and construction companies over the past 3 decades. ebizframe ERP helps you implement the industry’s best business practices, helping you to improve your projects execution and in turn increase profitability.