ERP in Uganda

ERP in Uganda

Uganda-erpUganda, a country in East Africa, is a completely landlocked nation. It is surrounded by DRC on the west, Kenya on the east, in the north and Tanzania in the south. The name of the country originates from the kingdom of Buganda, which covers a major portion of the southern part of the country including, the capital city of Kampala. Though the official languages of Uganda are English and Swahili, Luganda is considered to be the most widely spoken language in the country.

Economy of Uganda– A Glance

With sufficient fertile land, regular rainfall, mineral deposits and natural resources, the economy of Uganda has great possibilities. The agricultural earning comes from fruits, vegetables and coffee production. The export of cotton, tobacco, tea, hides, vanilla and apparel are also increasing every year. The industrial sector of Uganda is well-known for the production of soft drinks, beer, soap, plastics and cork. The transportation system of Uganda is improving with more than 1300 km of rail lines. Around 32 km south of Kampala, there is an international airport at Entebbe. The country also has substantial reserves of petroleum and minerals like tungsten, gold, beryl, tin, copper, cobalt, clay, granite and tantalite. Uganda is clocking a healthy GDP growth of apr. 8% per annum.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Uganda

The complete information management of an enterprise can be done easily with an ERP software. This Business Management Software helps in automating and integrating various functions like Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Manufacturing, Finance & Accounting, etc. ERP Systems have become extremely critical in the running of every enterprise now, starting from Manufacturing, Trading, Sales & Distribution, Logisticsand even the various Government organizations have gradually realized the importance of successfully implementing a suitable ERP Software. ThisEnterprise Automation Software has really brought a revolution in the manner in whichorganizations are conducting their businesses globally.

Benefits of ERP Implementation in the Manufacturing Sector:

  • Tight Inventory Control:An ERP System has a powerful Inventory Module which keeps a tight control on the inventory thereby eliminating/reducing the possibility of pilferages, wrong issuance of raw materials, etc. as was prevalent in the manual system. Stock reconciliation, valuation and audit exercises which used to earlier take days to accomplish can now be concluded in a matter of hours.
  • Managing Customer Relationships: The Business Management Software helps in managing customer communications and relationships more effectively thereby increasing customer satisfaction which ultimately translates to more repeat business being generated.
  • Decision Making Tool:An ERP plays a catalytic role in planning and initiating informed decision-making for the organization. The decision maker has all the relevant in front of him on his dashboard which allows him to take decisions in a well-informed manner promptly.
  • Operational Costs Reduction:An ERP is a great tool that helps in the reduction of the operational costs bypreventing wastage and ensuring the optimum use of all available resources.
  • Quality Assurance:An ERP can also ensure a high level of Quality Assurance (QA)in various processes and functions of an enterprise. This is particularly relevant in a department such as Production wherein the QA Manager can constantly monitor and control the Production Line and take remedial measures to remove bottle-necks and reduce re-works by streamlining or improving the process wherever necessary.


Role of Eastern Software System (ESS) in the Introduction and Implementation of ebizframe ERP in Uganda

Eastern Software Systems (ESS), the Premier IT Solutions and Services Provider across the entire African continent has had a direct presence in Uganda for many years now. Its flagship product, ebizframe ERP which is a multi-lingual, multi-location, multi-currency and web enabled ERP has been successfully implemented for many Ugandan enterprises bringing about a qualitative change in their productivity and competitiveness. ebizframe ERP is an extremely mature ERP System which has been seamlessly implemented in diverse industry verticals like Cotton Manufacturing, Food and Beverages (F&B) Manufacturing, Steel Products Production, Multi-Company Operations, etc.Unlike other global ERP Solutions, ebizframe ERP is directly customized and implemented by its creator, ESS, following a stringent process-driven approach. This ensures that the ERP Implementation and Roll-Out happens in the shortest possible time and the customer starts getting Return on Investments (RoI) as soon as possible. The unique licensing policy of ebizframe ERP also ensures that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for an enterprise remains much lower than other ERP Solutions


Our client was founded in 1997 and today is the leading manufacturer and distributor of bottled mineral water in Uganda. The company has also diversified into trading of packaged food products. Read more