Specific ERP Modules for Sugar Industry

  • Out-grower/Farmers Manufacturing Management System.
  • Agriculture Management System
  • Weighbridge Management System
  • Plantation Management System
  • Harvest Management System
  • Interfacing with Collaborative Technology.
  • Out-grower/Farmers Accounting System.
  • Crop Stock Management System.
  • Quality & Lab Management Interfacing.
  • Crop Transport System

Benefits of ebizframe ERP for Sugar Industry

  • Land preparation & yield potential.
  • Agronomy and cane census.
  • Projected harvest plan.
  • Allocation of fleets & reduced missed trips.
  • Automated Weighbridge linked with instant payment to farmers.
  • Accurate cane stock with crushing program.
  • Scheduling of services and supplies at the beginning of any crop cycle.
  • Planning harvesting based on company’s cane crushing target and cane maturity detail.
  • Planning of fleets for cane collection based on harvesting program and estimated yield report.
  • Integrated resource planning.
  • Quicker and informative decision making.
  • Amount-based hierarchical authorization to avoid frauds.
  • “What – If” Analysis.
  • Complete audit trail of entire flow of the transactions from field to crushing to payment.
  • Robust Data Integrity and security
  • Better cash-flow and fund-flow projection with complete integration with debtors and creditors.
  • Better maintenance planning to reduce mechanical break-down during peak crushing season.

Value benefits for a client in Sugar Industry with ebizframe ERP software

  • Fuel consumption reduced from 32% of total inventory to 21%.
  • Farmer’s Payment Cycle reduced from 14 days to Online.
  • Number of trips increased from 150 per Day to 210/day.
  • Savings of US$ 85,000.00 with Fuel Consumption reduced to 3258.4 KL.
  • Number of Missed Trips reduced from 210 to 80.
  • Absolutely no interference or manipulation of weighbridge data
  • Manpower planning helped reducing the Casual Labour by almost 25%.
  • Achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification with mapping ebizframe best practices.
  • Export documentations helped the client to complete adherence with Revenue authorities
  • Introduction of electronic payment to farmers directly from ebizframe to avoid cash reconciliations.
Automated Processes Value Saved
Link Between Farmer Management & Farmer Accounting 25,000
Inventory Control 90,000
Sugar Sales & Customer Statement 36,000
Budgeting for Expenses 60,000
Molasses & Sugar Dispatch Control AND Cane Receiving Control through Weighbridge 1,25,000
Price Check Validation 6,000
Statutory Report, MIS & Consolidation of Reports 17,000
Expense Control 6,000
Payroll, Identification of Ghost Employees, Right OT Calculation, Timely Salary Payment 1,00,000
Fuel & Lubricant Management 1,50,000
Total amount saved 6.15,000