plastic-erpThe client was established in 1996 and is today considered one of the young leading players in the Kenyan Plastics Industry It manufactures plastic packaging products for use in pharmaceuticals, paints, edible oils, cosmetics, lubricants, chemicals and the electrical power industry. The client is a member of the prestigious Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) and has an impressive client base spanning companies across various industry verticals. The client believes in eight basic principles of management: customer focus, leadership, involvement of people, process approach, system approach to management, continual improvement, factual approach to decision making and mutually beneficial supplier relationships. The company has only one secret in business: Quality, Quality and more Quality.


    The client was the first Kenyan Plastics Manufacturer to get ISO-9001:2001 and ISO 22000-2005 Certifications. These Quality Management Systems Certificates are given to organization having special emphasis on customer service as well as driving continuous improvement within the organization.


    The client’s turnover increased from KSh (Kenyan Shilling) 725 Million in 2005 to over KSh 2 Billion in 2011. Since the operationalization of ebizframe ERP at the client site no Accounts Manager has been appointed by the company and its Production Capacity has increased from 200 tons in 2002 to 1000 tons in 2011.




     The client was having multiple branches and centralized Accounts and Purchase Departments required data reconciliation across all the branches. The legacy system of the client was not able to provide data consolidation across various branches and as a result the resource requirements for conducting data reconciliationwere enormous. They required a scalable system which could cater to the needs of the growing business and the diverse need of a rapidly changing and evolving economy. They also required some custom made features which would suit their way of managing business. In order to control this widely spread business, the company decided to go for a web-based Enterprise Resource Planning System –ebizframe ERP, to enforce controls and processes across various departments.




    The company evaluated several ERPs, and finally chose ebizframe, an ERP solution from Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. ebizframe ERPwas preferred because of its state-of-the-art technology, good track record, low entry and implementation cost and a clear implementation methodology and transparent costing system. All the operations at the client’s site are covered on ebizframe.




    The client was facing a lotof issues in getting data reconciliation done across its branch offices for inventory and accounts. The client’s entire raw material stock is imported;hence it is imperative for them to have accurate inventory position in real-time basis. Replenishing inventory of imported items also requires a relatively great lead time for sourcing. Since they were majorly dependent on manual data reconciliation & processing, managing the manpower resources was eating up a substantial portion of the Senior Management’s time leaving little time to take informed business decisions or plan for future growth of the company.




    After evaluating many ERP Solutions available in Kenya the client decided to go ahead with ebizframe ERP, a powerful and versatile Enterprise Automation Solution developed by Eastern Software Systems (ESS), the leader in providing cutting-edge Enterprise Automation Solutions across Africa for more than a decade. ebizframe ERPwas adopted with some customization and re-engineeringof their business processes that were necessary as the organization moved from a decentralized system to an on-line integrated system in a controlled operations environment. Purchase, Sales, Inventory, HR & Payroll, Production Planning, Production, Maintenance, EIS and Finance Modules of ebizframe ERP were successfully customized and implemented for the client as per their requirement.





    ebizframe ERP implementation has helped the client to effectively monitor and manage inventory movement and valuations across the organization in real-time basis. Better Quality Control (QC) is now possible as well as more effective Vendor Performance Monitoring as all the data is available online. The Finance Module with its rich features like consolidation options gives a better control and flexibility over Financial Reporting. Many MIS Reports are available at the click of a button. There is significantly better monitoring of the entire operations. Manual data reconciliation has stopped completely resulting in minimizing multiple entries for the same transaction.




    The client will be implementing the Workflow Management System and the Web Portal component of ebizframe in 2012.