ERP in Liberia

ERP in Liberia

Liberia is a country situated on the West African coast. In Latin, the name Liberia means ‘Land of the Free’. Surrounded by Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Guinea, it covers an area of approximately 110,000 sq. kilometers. Though 20 indigenous languages are spoken in Liberia, English is the official language. Liberiaexperiences equatorial climate with significant rainfall during May to October and the remaining months experience harsh winds. Its capital is Monrovia

Economy of Liberia– A Quick Look

The GDP of Liberia in 2011 was US$ 1.154 Billion and its economy is heavily dependent on foreign aid, foreign direct investment and export of natural resources like timber, rubber and iron ore. Liberia’s GDP growth rate was 4.6% in 2009 which gradually increased to 7.3% in 2011 making it one of the 20 fastest growing economies in the world. Water, forests and mineral resources are found in plenty, but the country’s infrastructure, human capital and stability needs more development. Since 1997, Liberia is a country where the Government is elected democratically. Presently, the revenue of the country comes from its open maritime registry and foreign exchange earnings. Liberia has a flag of convenience status and because of this it has the second largest maritime registry in the world. The main items to be exported are rubber and timber. Gold mining is also considered as one of the major economic activities in this country. The source of foreign aids is generally Japan, Italy, France, United States, Germany, etc. The energy and the communications sector in this country aregradually developing and Liberia has started oil exploration and unexplored oil reserves might be in excess of 1 Billion barrels.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Liberia

The implementation of mature ERP Systems in Liberia can play a critical role in automating and integrating private enterprises and government organizations alike. An ERP Software encourages adoption of the world’s best practices and processes which are very beneficial for an enterprise. An ERP is a powerful Business Management Software which not only ensures that all the departments are seamlessly automated but provides complete control to the management as the entire operations of the organization are visible to them in a snapshot on their dashboard. This ensures that they are always on top of the situation and can take well-informed decisions for the organization much faster. Next Generation ERP Software like ebizframe also feature user-defined workflows, complete social media integration, device agnostic access and much more. ERP Software plays a very critical role in enhancing the competitiveness of an organization and making it ready for the future.


Critical Benefits of ERP Software for Liberian Enterprises:


  • Customer and Vendor Relationships Management: An ERP software helps in managing proper communication with the customers and vendors alike through various channels. It helps in forging good relationships with the customers and ensuring that the customers’ loyalty and satisfaction increases with time and the enterprise reaps significant benefits from the relationship.
  • Decision Making Tool:The ERP Software is a powerful Enterprise Automation Tool which helps inPlanning and making informed decision in an enterprise.
  • Financial Process:AnERP software seamlessly automates the Finance & Accounts (F&A) function in an enterprise. F&A is one of the most critical and resource intensive function in an enterprise which is prone to multiple errors in case of manual transactions. An ERP System provides a much needed respite from these errors and wastage of resources.
  • Quality Assurance: An ERP System also assists in implementing stringent Quality Assurance (QA) practices in an organization. Manufacturing processes are streamlined and the process effectiveness can be constantly monitored and analyzed and remedial measures taken to ensure better quality of manufactured product. This is of particular significance for batch-manufacturing enterprises.
  • Effective Deployment of Resources:Anenterprise always wants to make optimum utilization of all the available precious resources, cut down on wastage and ensure that their productivity and profitability is the maximum. An ERP Software ensures optimum utilization of resources by streamlining and automating processes, drastically cutting down on duplication of manual labor and enterprise-wide visibility of all available resources in real time.
  • Constant Evaluation:An ERP System encourages the management of an enterprise to constantly evaluate the operations of their organization as all the information is available to them in real-time at the click of a button. This ensures that the management is always on top of the situation and can take well-informed decisions to rectify operational anomalies or to plan future growth and diversification of their business much faster.

Next generation versatile ERP Software like ebizframeoffers many features which go way beyond the offerings of a vanilla ERP Suite. With complete social media integration, multiple device access capabilities, Workflow Management, Batch Processing of transactions and a Great User Interface (UI),ebizframe takes the Enterprise Automation journey of an enterprise to a different level altogether thereby allowing its management to Get Time and Take Control.