ERP in Kenya

ERP in Kenya

Economy of Kenya – A Brief Overview

The economy of Kenya is the biggest in the entire East and Central African Region. The agricultural sector employs apr. 75% of the entire work-force and constitutes 22% of the GDP. Tea and coffee are the major crops that are produced and exported worldwide. Recently Kenya has also started cultivating and exporting flowers to Europe. ERP Kenya has witnessed an extremely strong performance in the services sector including telecommunication, tourism and financial activity which now constitutes roughly 62% of the GDP. Industry and manufacturing contribute roughly 16%. The Government is open to new investments and the regulatory reforms have been enacted for streamlining the domestic and foreign investments. Industries mainly include mining and minerals, fishing and forestry, agriculture, financial services and tourism. During 2014, the economic growth of Kenya was noticeable with a 5% GDP growth. This was due to resurgencein agriculture coupled with significant growth in sectors like transport and telecommunication.

(Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP System in Kenya

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System companies in Kenya has revolutionized the way Kenyan industry functions. ERP Systems have brought in increased productivity and efficiency in the Kenyan enterprises making them profitable and globally competitive. It is no wonder that Kenya has emerged as one of the most promising economies in Kenya whose enterprises can compete with the best in the world. The ERP market in Kenya is very strong and mature with the presence of major global ERP players. An ERP Software in kenya is no longer seen as a simple Business Management Software required for automating and integrating the various business processes in an organization. It has now acquired an aspirational value wherein it should not only fulfill the basic requirements of an enterprise but also deliver substantially on the management’s aspirational requirements like complete social media integration, device agnostics, simpler User Interface (UI), 24*7 multi-device access, etc.


Benefits of ERP Software for the Kenyan Enterprise

The next-generation ERP Systems like ebizframe have powerful Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics tools built-in which enable the management of an enterprise to quickly analyze the current market and operational situation and take well informed decisions to offset any adverse eventualities or to plan business growth and diversification in a structured manner.

Latest ERP Systems are conveniently accessible 24*7 on any smart mobile devices. This empowers the employees to provide satisfactory services to their customers even from remote places because they have real-time access to inventory, sales trends, pricing, special offers, etc. Approving authorities have the convenience of accessing the ERP companies in Kenya on the move and therefore decisions and approvals get accomplished in real-time and are no longer hostage to the travel plans or inaccessibility of the senior management.

Seamless automation of the Warehouse is a critical component in the erp implementation deployment process for an enterprise. This leads to immediate reduction in pilferage of raw material, auto-replenishment of critical stocks when necessary, planning Production and Procurement in a structured and balanced manner so that customer orders get executed whilst ensuring that the ERP company cash-flows are not adversely hit by stocking up non-moving inventory.

Contribution of Eastern Software System (ESS) in the Enterprise Automation Journey of Kenya

Eastern Software Systems (ESS), Africa’s leading IT Solutions and Services Provider has been present erp vendors in Kenya for more than 15 years now. ESS has played a critical role in providing cutting-edge Enterprise Automation and e-Governance Solutions to Kenyan enterprises and Government Departments. ESS’ Flagship product, ebizframe ERP, has been successfully implemented for small, medium and large enterprises across diverse industry verticals like Paper & Printing, Mill Products, Automotive & Components Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales and Distribution, etc.  No wonder, ebizframe ERP is the most popular ERP System in Kenya and has also been recognized as the “Best ERP Company in Kenya” by the Computer Society of Kenya. ESS has also successfully rolled out an Integrated Revenue Collection System which automates the functioning of the various County Governments bringing in more efficiency in their functioning, cutting down on revenue leakages and providing better and faster services to the citizens. ebizframe ERP solutions Kenya is a determined partner in Kenya’s Enterprise Automation journey and has played a critical role in the development of the Kenyan economy and is committed to do so in the future as well.




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