ERP Migration


Many ERP Systems fail to meet the requirements of their clients because adequate attention is not paid towards understanding the existing processes of a client’s company. For accomplishing growth and diversification, many organizations decide in favour of a migration from their old incapable Data Processing Systems to a newer and more advanced and feature-rich Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software. During this migration process every part of the organization is involved and everyone has to work together to ensure that the core business objectives are achieved once the ERP System is rolled out. Thanks to our structured and time-tested methodology where we assist our customers to effortlessly and quickly migrate from legacy systems like Tally ERP, Oracle EBS, MS Navision to the much more powerful, versatile and easy-to-use ebizframe ERP Software Migration.


Ramco ERP Systemsebizframe ERP offers comprehensive tools and options to manage your business in the most efficient way. It helps users share work flows across functional boundaries and enables an enterprise to acquire a competitive advantage. However when it comes to ERP Migrations we are talking, or most part, about data. How that data relates to the business, its environment and the users who make the business work. ERP migration projects can be stressful but are necessary for all companies which need to move from their previous inefficient systems to a newer, more integrated and more efficient ERP System. Migrating to ebizframe ERP can however be achieved by avoiding a myriad of issues.
ebizframe ERP Migration Strategy enables its users to have a short lead time for moving from the old ERP to the latest, state-of-the-art, ebizframe ERP System. Time to completion is drastically reduced, errors are almost completely eliminated and the testing time is drastically reduced as compared to what is needed with the traditional migration methodology.


Before initiating a migration to ebizframe ERP, a standard kick-off presentation is prepared which factors in customer-specific changes. This ensures that what will be finally delivered is clearly articulated and is in line with expectations. To understand the customer’s processes / existing systems, Questionnaires in Transform Timeline are filled meticulously. Each requirement is carefully documented and reviewed with the customer. Thereafter a Client Discovery Document is produced after the in-depth analysis and mapping of customer requirements. Certain milestones are decided to monitor the progress of the overall process. Our efficient and completely customer-centric Migration Processes ensure that all the pain-points and issues of the customer are identified and resolved.


ERP migration and implementation can pose major challenges and problems when we are talking about a complete switch from your legacy system to a different ERP System with a new data structure, new posting methodologies and new workflows. But with our extremely compact implementation processes we ensure that the user has a painless data migration. Unique quality driven processes involve extracting Master Data from legacy systems, being subjected to suitable manipulations, before being loaded into the ebizframe ERP System Migration. Powerful features of ebizframe ERP help to extract data in a sparse format contained inside various files and collect the data you need in an internal structured table. It enables the user to easily extract data seamlessly and prepare it for the target.


Multiple number of test cycles are performed which includes checking individual data conversions, end to end testing of all conversions in sequence, and in tandem, with related automated processes. Our ERP implementation experts ensure that our customers meet their planned objectives, schedules, budgets and project specifications.


Using our extensive industry experience and insights, we have developed a complete set of standard Transformation Timeline that helps our customers to migrate from several legacy systems like Tally ERP 9, Oracle EBS, MS Navision, Ramco, SAP ECC/B1/HANA to the more versatile and powerful ebizframe ERP. Following these best migration and implementation practices helps the client to launch the deployment on a right note and keep it on track throughout the entire process.