DRC, officially known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo is a country situated in Central Africa. It is bordered by The Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Uganda, Central African Republic, Angola, Rwanda, Zambia, Burundi, South Sudan and the Atlantic Ocean. DRC is the second largest country in Africa in terms of area and has a population of approximately 75 Million. DRC is situated on the Equator and therefore experiences an Equatorial climate with high precipitation and the highest frequency of thunderstorms in the world. DRC is very rich in mineral resources

Economy of DRC– A Brief Overview

DRC is considered to be the richest country in the world in terms of natural resources. Its untapped mineral reserves are estimated to be in excess of US$ 24 Trillion. With relation to the area, DRC is a very sparsely populated country. After its independence in 1960, DRC was considered the second most industrialized nation in Africa, just after South Africa. As the country is rich in minerals, the mineral extraction activities dominate the economy of DRC. Agriculture includes cash crops like rubber, sugar, palm oil, tea, coffee, and cocoa. 50% of Africa’s forest and the Congo River help in the economic development of forestry and fishing in the country. For facilitating the economic growth, the Government has already realized the need for liberalization and changes in export procedure and the tax structure and is proceeding on the path of economic reforms.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in DRC

An ERP System in DRC can be extremely helpful for exporters, traders, manufacturers as well as shipping and mining companies. Various operational processes can easily be streamlined, automated and integrated with the help of this Business Management Software. An ERP Suite is a powerful Enterprise Automation Tool which streamlines the information flow in an enterprise and helps in quicker and well-informed decision making. An ERP Software drastically reduces wastage thereby ensuring the optimum use of precious resources. With thisBusiness Management Software, DRC enterprises can easily emerge as the most efficient and competitive enterprises across Africa in all industry verticals like retail, automobiles, mining, printing and publication and auto components industries

Some Critical Benefits of ERP Software for DRC Enterprises:

  • Simplify the Complexity: With the use of an ERP System the unique complexities of different businesses can be simplified and resolved. There can be specific issues with Production,Inventory Management, compliance of statutory regulations, Quality Assurance, etc. which the ERP Software can handle smoothly.
  • Automate and Monitor:The ERP Suite helps in the smooth automationof the business processes in the various departments of an enterprise. This ensures that the management can monitor and control their business operations in real time at the click of a button and take remedial measures wherever necessary.
  • Efficient Management of Complex Financial Functions:An ERP Software is an excellent Enterprise Automation Tool that can handle multiple complex Financial Functions smoothly. An ERP Software is a multi-currency, multi-location and multi-lingual software which seamlessly takes care of currency fluctuations, export transactions, compliance of statutory regulations and financial reporting which completely satisfies the Accounting Standards adopted by an enterprise.
  • Transparency: An ERP brings about an environment of total transparency within an enterprise. Every department and user functions on the same database across the enterprise and this ensures that there is only “One Version of the Truth”. The transparent processes of an ERP System working on a single transactional database provide tremendous benefits to an organization.

Contribution of Eastern Software System (ESS) in the Introduction and Deployment of ERP in DRC


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