The organization was established due to the decoupling of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) in line with the contemporary trends in the aviation industry. The company got registered in 2006 and is responsible for planning, developing, managing and maintaining all airports in Ghana viz. Kotoka International Airport (KIA), the regional airports at Kumasi, Tamale and Sunyani as well as various airstrips. The company commenced operations in January, 2007 and currently it provides the following services at the various airports under its management:

    1. Ground Service.
    1. Cargo Service.
    1. Hotel Service
    1. Dining & Shopping.




    The erstwhile business software solution being used at GACAL was being used only as a stop-gap strategy to prevent collapse of business reporting. But it had many inherent system limitations which needed immediate attention and closure in the proposed new system. This was essentially due to the fact that the earlier system was based on obsolete 1996 technology and would become un-operational in the very near future. The details of this legacy system being used earlier are:

    1. Payroll – Persol.
    1. Scala Accounting (General Ledger, Sales Ledger, Purchase Ledger, Stock Control)
    1. Personnel Management


    Due to the limitations attributable to the incompatibility of the software, the users had to manually compile various accounting and administrative reports and this led to a substantial delay in the generation of these reports.


    The management decided that the only option by which they could address these acute operational problems was to implement a powerful and versatile Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software which should be modular and web-enabled and could be deployed seamlessly across the various departments. This would eliminate the need for manual intervention at all stages for data capture, processing and reporting.




    In strict compliance of the Public Procurement Law in Ghana, the organization floated a tender for an integrated Business Management Solution. Out of the many ERP Solution Provider companies that responded to this tender, the organization after careful consideration, shortlisted ebizframe ERP, developed by Eastern Software Systems, as the most suitable ERP Solution which would fulfill their requirements and standards completely.




    The following modules of ebizframe ERP were implemented: Sales, Procurement, Inventory, HR & Payroll, Finance, Fixed Assets, Maintenance, Property Management and Executive Information System (E.I.S.).


    The salient aspects of this ERP implementation are:

    1. Automation of Property Management Operations.
    1. System-generated Multi-Currency Statements from the ERP System.
    1. Provision of generation of Historic Reports from the system.
    1. Automation of the Invoicing System which would later also be integrated with the SITA System in Phase-II for Flight Statistics Analysis.
    1. Several Reports available for analyzing client accounts.




    1. Inventory position visible to user before requisition.
    1. Payslips sent to users online via email.
    1. Considerably simplified and faster Bank Reconciliation Process.
    1. Complete statutory compliance of all stringent Airport Industry Security Standards.
    1. Users provided access and authority level depending on their functional responsibilities and requirements.
    1. Privileged Access assigned on temporary basis automatically expires on the due date.
    1. Easy and fast user acceptance due to simple and easy-to-use User Interface (U.I.) and structured User Training.