Why Company Needs ERP System – Top 6 Signs

  • Why Company Needs ERP System – Top 6 Signs

    Why Company Needs ERP System – Top 6 Signs

    In business, what’s ‘dangerous’ is not to evolve
    – Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon


    If this is the first time you have heard of an “ERP”, then, you have probably wasted a lot of time on tasks/processes within your organization that could have very well been automated without much of your guidance.


    “How can an ERP Software help me?” you may ask. ERP Software provides companies and their top management a clear and true view of their business operations and performance by establishing a common database that facilitates information flow between disparate departments.


    Managing day-to-day activities can be a herculean task and any inconsistency or erroneous data could have a calamitous ripple effect on business operations. Dropping quality standards, delayed shipments, faltering customer satisfaction ratio, inefficiency in data, etc. are some of the dead giveaways that your business/company need ERP Solution.


    Let us find out some of the major signs that suggest why company needs ERP System.


    1. Lack of an integrated system


    The truth is, no organization plans to fail – rather, they fail to plan…
    – Steven Scott Phillips


    Do you maintain all your critical data like stock, receipt, purchase, etc. manually or in a register? Does hunting of “true” reports take up most of your time? In a globally competitive world, you cannot expect to outrun your competitors when you are wasting your time over tedious clerical tasks.


    If all your departments are working in silos, it’s a lot harder for your teams to take advantage of shared resources for the benefit of all. Functions throughout the business need to communicate; data is required to flow seamlessly from one department to another. Investing in ERP Solution ensures that a common database is accessible to all departments. This organized and stored information contains accurate, real-time data ensuring faster decision-making and more free time for you to focus on business-related activities.


    2. Delayed/Limited access to information coupled with the doubtful sanctity of whatever information is received


    Your business produces tons and tons of data every month and trying to find a particular transaction or specific information from this data reservoir can be a painful task. Let an ERP Software collate data from different departments and provide you with personalized and customized reports and graphs for productive insights.


    3. Time-consuming and inaccurate Financials


    Does it take your accountants forever to collate and consolidate data across different software systems? This can be one of the earliest tell-tale signs why company needs ERP System.


    With all the Financials in a single database, the accounting staff won’t have to spend days cross-posting information, re-keying figures, or reconciling data manually. Your accounting staff will have more time to deliver critical reports without any delay, rendering them more productive than before. And what’s more, you won’t need anyone’s help for a report. They are right there on your laptop or mobile.


    4. Adversely affected sales


    As your business expands, so does your sales volume. If the customers’ demand generally outweighs stock/services availability, it could potentially harm your company’s reputation and loss of business and goodwill. You need an ERP System that ensures that real-time data is available to all the departments so that they can take timely actions and avoid such damaging situations.


    5. Costly and Ineffective IT


    Not having an integrated ERP System to automate your enterprise, with all the data in one place, suggests that your IT management is wasting time trying to patch up different systems. It is not only time consuming but also very expensive. An ERP System can significantly reduce the load off of your IT team and reduce the need for constant complex upgrades.


    6. No/Limited Mobile Access


    In today’s day and age, you need agile and robust technology that guarantees access to critical information at any time of the day and on any device. There are apps available for almost all our needs. In the same fashion, many, though not all, ERP Solution Providers provide their clients mobile access functionality designed specifically for field-based staff that ensures that they have all the information at the tip of their fingers. Thus, if you find yourself longing for access to such critical real-time data, you should opt for an ERP System that provides such mobile functionality to their clients.


    You can even enable your salesforce who visit retail outlets for order taking, payment collection, route planning, pocket MIS, stock visibility, etc. This can be done using Mobile App specifically meant for the sales teams which are linked to the back-end ERP. This is very useful, especially for FMCG / Pharmaceutical companies.


    The reason behind why company needs ERP System is that in the end, with the right ERP under its belt, any business can realize its full potential and capabilities. ESS’ state-of-the-art ERP system, ebizframe, promises a more agile, more responsive and more productive company.


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