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Customers who come shopping to your retail outlets are looking for a personalised experience in all channels from your brick-and-mortar retail stores in a geographic location to their smartphones. In the modern era of a consuming society the Retail Sector has to lay a red carpet to attract customers. This is triggering a major transformation in the Retail Industry. The shift is evident toward organised and information supported retailing in the face of stiff competition from new entrants in the ERP in retail industry.




Retail Marketers are increasingly becoming sensitive to changing customer preferences and are looking for more accurate analysis of market patterns to exploit dormant opportunities. When a customer arrives at a retail store he/she is a host of information that you can leverage to grow your business. Micro segmenting your customer’s preferences and knowing his buying history and demographics can enable you to launch a more focused and targeted campaign. ebizframe ERP for Retail enables much more sophisticated targeting with more clarity and visibility of a customer’s buying intent. ebizframe ERP’s Data Analysis of their purchase history unlocks the understanding of what they like to buy from you.  ebizframe ERP Retail Software is designed to map a vast number of SKUs, Stock rotation, inventory planning based on size, style, colour, slow-moving /non-moving stocks, expiry dates, etc.


Why ebizframe ERP for Retail?


A good Retail Store needs automated billing because customers hate to wait for slow manual billing. ebizframe ERP Software for Retail equipped with a robust POS (Point-of-Sale) System, handles complex and multiple transactions in real time. ebizframe ERP will save you a ton of time by gathering transactional data from multiple supermarkets and consolidating it centrally, which can generate MIS Reports on profitability and sales forecast. Browser enabled ebizframe ERP for Retail business allows the top management to plan, monitor and manage Inventory, Performance Reports, Areas for Improvements, etc. on a real time basis. SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) based best retail ERP System offers you to manage multiple organizations across different countries.

  • Cash Control and POS (Point of Sales)

    Cash Control and POS (Point of Sales)

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