Industry Solutions


ebizframe is unarguably one of the most configurable ERP Solutions in the world. The high configurability of ebizframe ERP makes it easily deploy-able in more than 20 Industry verticals with virtually no customization. ebizframe ERP System is designed in such a way that the needs and requirements of different industries have been pre-embedded in the standard system and it just needs to be tweaked and configured according to the needs of the organization.


Processes can differ within the same industry vertical from one organization to another.  ERP Systems working perfectly for one organization may not fit into another organization in the same industry. For ebizframe ERP every enterprise is unique with its own processes and working style. ebizframe ERP can be configured so closely that it creates a near identical image of existing processes of the organization but transforms them into quicker and more efficient ones with real time availability of information across all departments and functions.


This unique versatility of ebizframe makes it suitable for most of the complex industrial processes to be incorporated in ebizframe. Easy configurability also saves time and effort expended on the implementation of the ERP System and results in super quick rollouts, some of them in as few as 20 days.


Following are the industries where ebizframe is transforming the way business is done: