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erp for oil and gas industryThe automotive industry has been growing exponentially. Emerging economies are the biggest market today with latent demand morphing into high sales of vehicles in nearly all segments. The Technology for vehicles is also changing rapidly. Due to increasing sophistication of engineering, many new industry verticals within this industry have spawned.

One such industry segment is the manufacturing and marketing of Lubricants and Additives for fuels. High performance engines require special care to remain efficient and last long. With this philosophy, a lot of research is going on in this field resulting in new products in this segment.

Oil Marketing Companies (OMC)  need to be agile and futuristic if they wish to grow and capture a market for their products. Fast changing oil prices create a big pressure on margins. A huge, geographically scattered market with remote locations presents a challenge in setting up timely pricing and marketing schemes to reach-out. They also need to take care of logistics issues and choose a high performance erp in oil and gas industry.

Ever innovative packaging in different packs, attractive marketing schemes and advertisements need to reach out fast to customers to harvest benefits in time before fluctuating prices make them redundant. Marketing schemes can be region specific, client specific or product specific. Strict administration and control of pricing policy across regions and distributors is the key to success.

All this calls for a flexible, dynamically configurable ERP. ebizframe oil and gas erp systems perfectly fits the bill!

ebizframe ERP Software handles multiple locations, multiple plants and depots deftly. OMCs require multiple modes of sales and despatch. Despatches can be from plant or from depots. To facilitate such sales the system should be able to handle inter-depot/plant transfers, keeping track of goods in transit. There are complexities of handling inter-location transfers due to different invoicing and taxation policies in different geographies or states. The Taxation part is handled easily by ebizframe ERP solutions for oil and gas industry with highly flexible tax rules setting.

Due to the nature of the market and multiplicity of different kinds of vehicles, OMCs handle huge number of permutations and combinations of packaging and formulations. It is important to keep a watch on stocks at various locations in different packaging, because even if quantities are available, some packaging may be out of stock. Therefore, transparent on-line view of stocks at various locations is critical for timely fulfilment and/or transfers from one location to another.

The most interesting but serious issue is handling elaborate marketing schemes, the heart of the oil marketing companies. Marketing schemes can be value based or quantity based. They can be target based with different rewards for different targets. An effective system must account for FOC (Free of Cost) items in a scheme. Then, there are promotional schemes that offer gifts. They too require proper accounting and stock controls. A company can choose to have a scheme running for a particular date range, for a particular region or even for a particular client.

To have a good control on cash flows with credits scattered over large geographies credit control is a must. ebizframe ERP Software not only does it carefully, it allows one to handle exceptions that need to be handled by an assigned manager.

The system being used for depot sales requires provision for fast billing ebizframe ERP for oil and gas industry provides for Despatch Note-cum-Invoice to hasten the delivery of an order or counter sale.

ebizframe ERP Software for Oil and Gas Industry has a large mandate. It also handles institutional sales, sample/scrap sales orders, following the rules of business like no returns for sample or scrap sales. An ERP System should be capable of handling Sales Returns that can be partial or for an entire lot under an invoice. ebizframe ERP System not only handles return, taking care of statutory requirements of reversals in the right account, it also captures reason for return/rejection with clear demarcation of goods as damaged, leaked in good condition.

To complete the process, ebizframe also takes care of Sales Order closure with various possibilities.

ebizframe ERP for oil and gas company has a complete import purchase cycle as well as a domestic purchases cycle. It tackles sales on high seas. Landed cost of materials received through imports or domestically allows the user to find the exact cost with overheads to plan pricing well.

ebizframe for Oil Marketing Companies handles Finance with multi-currency, multi-location and inter-branch options. It also has budgets and cost centres, making it easier to keep track of expenses, incomes and overheads of different nature. Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables, Cash Flows and Accounting right up to Trial Balance, P&L and Balance Sheet is handled effortlessly. The System also takes care of Bank Reconciliation. ebizframe ERP has inbuilt IFRS Reporting and highly flexible chart of account creation.

With distributed environment, company needs to be close to its employees. ebizframe not only offers complete HCM (Human Capital Management) suite for the back-end but also a comprehensive Employee Self Service (ESS) Portal that facilitates an employee’s view of his/her emoluments, enter leave application, expense vouchers, travel expenses and view imprest account. It also provides for configurable appraisal, recruitment and training management, etc. Tightly integrated HCM and ESS portal is a complete solution by itself.

Apart from this, ebizframe oil & gas erp software also provides Asset Management, Equipment Maintenance and Manufacturing Suite for those who are in manufacturing of lubricants or oils, etc.

MobileApp offered by ESS complements ebizframe with its tight integration of Field Force. MobileApp takes care of all field visits and order booking related activities. This tool extends your reach astronomically.

In ebizframe, OMCs and related manufacturing industries can find a complete integrated future-ready ERP.

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