Why Your ERP Should be on Mobile?

  • Why Your ERP Should be on Mobile?

    Mobility has penetrated deep into our lives since the advent of smartphones and other digital gadgets, and also due to continuously sliding data costs. It’s hard to imagine our lives without this wireless ecosystem which keeps us connected to every necessity in our personal lives, whether it is news or banking or mail or chat or social networking.Not surprisingly, mobility is slowly but surely changing the way businesses operate. It has armed businesses to be extremely responsive to customers at every possible touch point and improve customer experience drastically.


    In a recent research, 81% of CEOs saw wireless devices being strategically important for their enterprise. Mobile Technology allows companies to have an unprecedented level of connectivity between employees, vendors and customers. This connectivity offers heaps of opportunities and competitive advantage while battling against competitors. A large number of organizations are fully ERP enabled, and the ERP function is now extending to mobile devices, and is significantly impacting the way businesses are run.


    Businesses that support the idea of confluence between ERP and mobility are popularly described as Mobile Enterprises. Such mobile enterprises are known to produce more profit and efficiencies by leveraging the conspicuous functionalities of a Mobile ERP Solution.




    Source of the above figure and data: PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey.


    Here are some advantages of having a mobility enabled ERP:




    With instant access to relevant information and real-time connectivity, it becomes much easier for any business to expand seamlessly to multiple locations. Getting control of your business is what helps you build the roadmap for handling upcoming challenges.  Near instant information as well as the ability to intervene when necessary,on all aspects of your business – be it Sales, Financials or Manufacturing, enables you to address issues quickly to minimize waste and maximize response time.




    Handling operations can be hectic for employees but thanks to mobile enabled ERP Systems it helps them manage quotes, proposals and orders from the field on virtually any mobile device. Employees can deliver better service with full access to customer history, maintenance contracts and product knowledge base. Thanks to mobility tools you can be “in the office” as soon as you turn on a mobile device. Employees can stay connected like never before while they are on the move.




    Ever wondered of a situation where a client raises an unanticipated issue during the presentation which you haven’t prepared? Or of sudden transaction approvals you need to conduct on the Shop Floor? No need to worry! A mobile-enabled ERP Software ensures all the allocated accesses are available to you irrespective of where you are.




    Introduction of mobilereporting systems as a disruptive technology has increased the use of mobile devices among C-suite people. Mobile reporting solutions have enabled top managementsto quickly measure and monitor identified Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) to ensure business is on-track in reaching targets and goals.As recent research show, Mobility is the top priority of CEOs.




    Mobile ERP integration helps employees to access data anywhere-anytime enabling them to make decisions with immediate impact and results. A web enabled mobile ERP allows employees to use mobile devices to do any or all of the following: going through emails, Project Management, Resource Allocation, capturing work orders or sales orders, fill out invoices and receipts, accounting vouchers, conducting audits, generating Purchase Orders, etc. and manage the corporate road map and address book.


    Everyone talks about satisfying their customers but disgruntled employees can never lead to satisfied customers. By taking off the load of unnecessary work, one can free up their time for things that really matter. A wireless environment can provoke them to focus on key areas of the job they enjoy. Mobile ERP reduces the amount of time it takes to process timesheets, approvals and payroll.




    Real time information can be crucial for companies belonging to the Manufacturing &Distribution Sectors. Real-time alerts can be created to streamline notifications based on pre-determined parameters. Real-time alerts help businesses avoid manufacturing glitches like a bad batch of raw materials, unanticipated stock out, data mismatch, etc.




    One of the best advantages that mobile devices offer is their portability. These devices are light weight, robust, can be carried anywhere and are the best natural replacement for paper. It is often voted as the first choice whenever there is a need for processing lists and audits (e.g. picking list of inventory items, production orders, bills of material, the list of maintenance operations to be done, etc.)


    The ability for businesses to use consolidated data to generate powerful insights is the key to overall business performances, and considering this process is leveraged on real time data, having mobile capabilities is key. ebizframe ERP has been designed to meet all the demands of global businesses. From customizable dashboards to graphical charts, ebizframe ERP’s mobility arms decisions makers with information to make improved decision planning, forecasting, production scheduling, supply chain management and ensuring more productive operations.


    ebizframe ERP’s integration with mobile devices not only minimizes the internal administrative hassle but also improves external communications and supply chain visibility, thereby shrinking the time spent on paperwork and messages that become automatically available to keep suppliers well informed.


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