UNPLUG your self

Unplug-ebizframeCan't get business off your mind ? For how many hours of your time do you think about your business? About all hours that you are awake- right? What about when you are asleep? Still thinking about business- probably…..


Running and heading a business is a massive responsibility. After all, your customers, staff members and shareholders know that you will take care of their interests. While this is a great feeling, all this comes at a cost, it means you are always plugged in.


Not only you, your family and friends also pay a huge price for this responsibility that you carry. They need your time and attention too! A work-life balance is critical for a life well lived.


Unplug! Get away from your routine, do what you love. ebizframe lets you attain better work-life balance by allowing you to be on top even as you spend more time doing what you love –whether it is spending time with your children, or taking your parents out on a precious evening.


ebizframe ensures that your business is always at your fingertips through your mobile device. All important aspects of your business can be tracked and acted upon – but only if they require your personal attention, from anywhere at anytime. Critical alerts that you can configure as well as business health indicators can be accessed at any time.


Unplug! with ebizframe and stay on top.

Transform Business By Ebizframe ERP

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How we help you to Transform

  • RepStore: Online reports repository
  • Great attention to details. Every layout is pixel-perfect and beautiful
  • SOA Architecture
  • Deployable on Cloud or on your Servers
  • Quick implementations
  • Highly user-friendly and intuitive design