Modern day Turkey was founded in 1923 when national hero, Mustafa Kamal defeated the Ottoman Empire. It is located in south-eastern Europe and south-western Asia. It borders the Black Sea between Georgia and Bulgaria, the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea between Greece and Syria. Turkey has a land area covering 784,000 sq. km. with a 2,800 km land border and a 7,200 km long coastline. Turkey enjoys hot, dry summers and mild wet winters. By virtue of its strategic location at the junction of Asia and Europe, Turkey is a nation of vital importance.


Turkey has a free market economy majorly driven by its Industry & Services Sector. The Services Sector constitutes 64% of the GDP whereas Industry constitutes 28% and agriculture 8%. Turkey’s GDP (PPP) is estimated at US$ 1.6 Trillion and its economy grows at an average rate of 4% per annum. Major industries active in Turkey are Textiles, Food Processing, Automobiles, Electronics, Mining, Steel Production, Petroleum, Construction, Lumber and Paper Processing. Tukey’s major export market is Europe and it employs 48% of its workforce in the Services Sector, 26% in Industry and 25% in the Agriculture Sector.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software have played a dominant role in automating Turkey’s enterprises and making them more efficient and globally competitive. Many global ERP Solutions are available in the Turkish IT market and most of them have been present for decades.


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