Mr. Victor H. Al-Hassan
June, 2015

We have been using ezbiframe ERP Software Company for the last 2 years. The software is user-friendly and well structured for the oil marketing industry. Ebizframe ERP has the ability to constantly adapt to our growth and in conjunction with their excellent support service, has proven to be vital to the functioning of our everyday business.

Mr. Victor H. Al-Hassan, Executive Chairman, Compass Oleum, Ghana
Mr. Jayesh Gandhi

Our trust in ESS and its ERP, ebizframe, is absolute. They have served us for more than a decade now. ESS has been in step with us in our growth and expansion.

Mr. Jayesh Gandhi, Director, Gandhi Tubes, Mumbai
Mr. Ajay Saraf

ebizframe has addressed our objective effectively and helped our business with accuracy and promptness

Mr. Ajay Saraf, Corporate IT Head, Dalma Energy, Oman