ERP in Tanzania

ERP in Tanzania

Tanzania-erpTanzania, located in East Africa, within the Great Lakes Regionis surrounded by Uganda, Kenya, Burundi, Malawi, Zambia, DRC, Mozambique and the Indian Ocean. It has a population of apr. 52 Million. The population has many diverse linguistic, ethnic and religious groups. The name Tanzania, originated from the combined version of two states namely Tanganyika and Zanzibar.





Economy of Tanzania – A Fleeting Look

Tanzania’s GDP in 2014 was US$ 43.8 Billion. The economy of Tanzania is primarily dependent on agriculturewhich constitutes 24.5% of the GDP and 50% of the entire workforce is engaged in agriculture or agriculture related activities. Since 1985, the controlled economy is gradually transforming into an open-market economy. Besides agriculture, the Tanzanian economy comprises of industry and construction constituting apr. 22% of the GDP. This essentially includes mining, quarrying, construction, manufacturing and construction. From the colonial period of German occupation, Gold Mining has remained an important business activity in Tanzania. There are plenty of nickel and gemstone reserves in the country as well. Natural Gas and electricity also play a great role in the economy of Tanzania. The political stability of this country has encouraged FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). These investments are essentially in the mineral resources and tourism sectors.

Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP) Market in Tanzania

The Tanzanian Industry has been witness to successful implementation of many ERP Solutions offering the latest technology available worldwide like on-cloud deployment, user-defined Work-flows, Social Media Integration, powerful Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics Tools etc. and yet being surprisingly cost-effective. This has helped many enterprises in Tanzania to seamlessly automate their business processes and enjoy the fruits of increased productivity and profitability. In its simplest form an ERP System automates the functioning of various departments in an enterprise and integrating them on a common platform thereby ensuring that all users view and transact on the same data. This integration is ensured across all functions, locations and offices of the enterprise. In addition to the basic enterprise automation, the newer and more powerful ERP Systems like ebizframe ERP offer many additional cutting-edge features like facility to implement the ERP securely On-Premises or On-Cloud, ERP access across multiple devices, Dashboards & Tickers, facility to upload data directly from MS-Excel Spreadsheets and so much more. Simultaneously these new generation ERP Systems have a rapid implementation and roll-out process which ensures that the customer start enjoying Return on Investments (RoI) in the shortest possible time.


Critical Benefits of ERP Software for the Manufacturing/MiningSectors:


  • Planning:An effective ERP System helps in creating a detailed Production Plan after considering the pending Customer Orders, Inventory on-hand, Production Capacity and all other related activities and available resources.
  • Different Modules:To keep the ERP Implementation process even more cost-effective, powerful ERP Software like ebizframe are structured in a modular manner. This gives the customer an option to implement the ERP module-wise in a phased manner so that the cash flows for his core business are not adversely affected.
  • Supply Chain Management: An ERP System automates the entire Supply Chain of an enterprise that leads to a more effective management of all the components in the Supply Chain like vendor management, warehousing, inventory, etc. The order-to-cash cycle time also gets drastically reduced with the help of a matureBusiness Management Software like ebizframe.
  • Payroll and Human Resource: The ERP Software has a comprehensive Human Capital Management Module which automates all the functions pertaining to Human Resources and Payroll like Leave Management, Monitoring Overtime, Payroll Processing, Personnel Management, Biometric System Integration, etc. This ensures that Human Resources are managed in a transparent manner with little opportunity of any ambiguity or mistrust getting created in the workforce, as is normally prevalent in a manual system.

Eastern Software Systems’ ebizframe ERP – A Partner in Tanzania’s Growth Story

Eastern Software Systems (ESS) – Africa’s leading Premier IT Solutions and Services Provider has played a small but critical role in the development of Tanzania’s economy and enterprise. ESS’ Flagship Product, ebizframe ERP, has been a steadfast partner in Tanzanian Enterprise’s Enterprise Automation journey. ebizframe ERP has been successfully implemented across diverse industry verticals in Tanzania like Automotive Sales & Service Operations, Mining, Diverse Businesses Group, etc. The salient point of the success of ebizframe ERP in Tanzania is the direct presence of ESS in Tanzania which ensures that the ERP Solution is customized and implemented directly by ESS and not by a third party implementation partner. This ensures that the entire process of ERP roll-out is tremendously expedited and also that the ERP Software is implemented as per the client’s requirement. Moreover, the licensing policy of ebizframe ERP is such that in the long run the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the ERP is much lower than any other global ERP Solution.