How can the Supply Chain be optimized with ERP?

  • How can the Supply Chain be optimized with ERP?

    How can the Supply Chain be optimized with ERP?

    Over the years, streamlining internal operations, enhancing product quality, and reducing manufacturing costs have been the primary focus of organizations.  However, they must understand that coming up with Supply Chain Strategies is also critical in achieving organizational excellence. They must realize that by improving the Supply Chain, substantial cost reductions and improvements in Quality can be achieved. A state-of-the-art ERP can certainly help them in this regard.


    Demand Planning & Forecasting


    For an effective Demand-Supply mechanism, a modern ERP Solution like ebizframe can easily link the principal functions of the Supply Chain with the best-in-class technology. A data driven Logistics plan can be easily generated with a fully integrated Demand Planning and Forecasting Module. Organizations can easily figure out the deficiencies in Supply Chain and the associated risks using the analytical capabilities of ERP and address the deficiencies and work towards mitigating the risks. This includes the analysis of Need Time vs Supply Lead-times spread across multiple products, multiple vendors as well as associated costs, quality, lot size, etc.


    Warehouse Management System (WMS) Functionality


    An ERP System can insulate the warehousing processes from potential glitches which brings inefficiency into the system. Inventory mismanagement can prove to be very expensive, and it is important for users to minimize the inventories, handling costs and maximize the warehouse efficiencies. A comprehensive ERP solution can help users achieve these goals. Distributors and Manufacturers are always under the pressure of meeting deadlines and need to constantly manage the movement of raw materials, WIP and finished goods. A well implemented ERP is a solution they require, as they can effectively manage crucial processes like Pick Planning, Consolidated Picking,Order Pack-Out, Cross-Docking, etc. with a cutting-edge ERP solution like ebizframe.


    Operational Accuracy


    The cornerstone of any Logistics and Supply Chain Management System is accuracy. An organization needs to be sure about the stocking levels, replenishment plans, overstocking, stock availability at its various locations, etc. And a faulty Logistics Planning can hamper it greatly. Without any access to the above mentioned information, the quality of customer service suffers, leading to customer dissatisfaction as well as financial losses. Moreover, poorly managed Supply Chains can lead to implications such as deliveries not matching the quality standards, late deliveries and improper management of perishable products, etc. So,in order to meet customer commitments and avoid upsetting the entire Production, organizations need to implement a good ERP System.


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