ERP In South Sudan

ERP In South Sudan

south-sudan-erpOnce a noticeable part of Sudan, South Sudan can now be considered to be one of youngest nation of the world. Officially known as the Republic of South Sudan, the country gained independence from Sudan in the year 2011. The largest city Juba is presently the capital of South Sudan. Before the 10th century, the Nilotic people like Bari, Dinka, Shilluk, Acholi and others entered the country and settled there. If you go through the Sudanese history, you willcome to know that slavery was a practice prevalent during the 19th century.

Economy of South Sudan – A Glimpse

With limited infrastructure and highest female illiteracy rates, the economy of South Sudan is still in an underdeveloped state. Though the GDP increased by 30% in 2014, there has been a negative growth of GDP in the subsequent year. The economy of South Sudan depends mainly on the natural resources of the country. The country is also rich in agricultural and pastoral lands. South Sudan alone produced 85% of the total oil output of the entire Sudan prior to independence. Currently, many multi-nationaloil drilling companies operate in the country. Though mineral resources and oil can be found throughout the country, Bentiu is especially rich in oil and Warrap and Lakes are well known for their mineral reserves

Enterprise Resource Planning in South Sudan

For taking full advantage of the market opportunities, increasing competitiveness and for managing the growth in business, an ERP Software can be used to tremendous advantage in South Sudan. ThisBusiness Management Software offers flexibility as well as agility for supporting the strategic initiatives of an enterprise.An ERP Software is a modular Enterprise Automation Software having various modules like Finance & Accounts, Human Capital, Sales, Procurement, Inventory, Production, etc. When implemented successfully,an ERP software can help toautomate and manage any enterprise whether it is in the services or products delivery business. From manufacturing, agriculture management, oil to logistics, education and much more, an ERP Software can be implemented in any industry vertical and can help in increasing the efficiency of an enterprise significantly. A mature ERP software is also flexible enough to be customized properly to cater to the specific needs of a particular industry vertical. It connects all the departments in an organization seamlessly and ensures that everyone in the organization works on only 1 data and all the transactional information is available in real time. This is a key factor which plays a critical role in ensuring that the Senior Management can have complete control over their business and take well-informed decisions promptly for the further growth of their business.


Some of the critical advantages of implementing an ERP Software in the manufacturing sector are as follows:


  1. Product Development and Launch: Proper collaboration tools of an ERP Software help in the launch of new products and product development. This enterprise automation software helps to integrate sales,marketing, supply chain activity,etc. in an excellent manner.
  2. Right Product at Right Time: The business management software helps in effectively managing the inventory of both the raw materials and the finished goods. Various ERP tools are used for inventory control, integrated scheduling with Production and demand management activities in an effective manner.
  1. PowerfulBI &Analytics:A versatile ERP System like ebizframe has powerful BI & Analytics Tools built-in. This ensures that the users can create their own Analytic Reports and see the operational data in whichever manner they are comfortable with. This also ensures that the Management is always in control of their enterprise and well-informed business decisions can be taken promptly for course-correction or business growth or diversification whenever necessary backed by powerful Business Intelligence.
  1. Effective Supplier Interactions:An Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software like ebizframe ensures proper vendor relationship management. From auto-release of purchase orders on vendors to replenish critical raw material components to ensuring vendor payment release only on the due date, there are several features in an ERP Software which ensure that the vendor relationshipis managed effectively at all times.