RepSmith – Create your own Reports and Graphs

When you implement an ERP, you are often faced with the dilemma of the dynamic needs of different Users wanting to look at the information in different ways. Be it Reports or Graphs, User’s needs are dynamic and continuously evolving. Also, the Users within the organizations keep changing as new people join in and existing people move on.  Traditional ERPs do not give the flexibility of writing Reports/Graphs to Users. And even if some ERPs have such Writers, they are so complex to use that an average Business User finds it very difficult to use.

RepSmith from ESS is easy to use and intuitive tool which helps ebizframe Users create their Reports, Graphs, and Dashboards on their own. The Users are no longer dependent on the IT administrator or the Implementation company to develop such reports. It’s User friendliness and intuitiveness helps Users to be conversant with it quickly.


Features of RepSmith

  1. Customizable Dashboards
  2. Design your Reports
  3. Graph Creator
  4. Data Slices and Sub-slices
  5. Multi Slices
  6. Report Scheduler


Never had it so good

ebizframe ERP users already have hundreds of Reports and Graphs which come pre-loaded into the ERP. To add to this is the ESS’s Web-based Repository called RepStore which gives Users access to multiple formats of same reports as well as access to the best reports from around the world.

RepSmith further enhances the Reporting capability of ebizframe by giving the Business Users the flexibility to not only create their own Reports, but also the capability to create the Graphs and Dashboards on their own. This helps the Users to manage their analytics their own way.


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