A Unique Reporting Tool


RepStore© - A Unique Reporting Repository



One of the biggest challenges of implementing ERP lies in successfully addressing the need of various reporting requirements of diverse user groups. The challenge is continuous as the kind of reports that the user needs keeps evolving with time. Even within one company one report can be required in multiple formats. As an example, let us talk about one of our large customers. In this company the trial balance was desired in 64 different formats. One traditional way is to bundle all the reports in the package that goes to you. What we have done is something entirely different.


We have created RepStore© which is our internet based repository of reports and this portal is accessible by all our customers. We continuously add reports to the RepStore and this can be used to download those reports that suit your business the best. Obviously your needs will also evolve as time goes by and so will the number, formats and rich content of the reports which form a part of RepStore. Some of those reports may have been written by us and some of them may have been created by our valued customers and uploaded on the portal.


Reports are a reflection of the business processes that get followed, and availability of these reports also helps in refining business processes. Let’s take an example: when you look at accounts receivables, probably you are used to a certain format and you would want that format to be available. Sure no problem. But if you see some different report formats for the same AR, it may give you insights into the way others analyze the same data and also may help you in reviewing the way you have been working, and enable you to adopt best practices from others into your system. This versatility is the essence of RepStore . It works with minimal IT support. Users can go download the reports which are relevant for them and with minimal training upload them to become a part of their ebizframe implementation.


Thus it allows the users to get to the full potential of ebizframe without compromising limited budgets. And these reports are classified by functions! By verticals! Whether they are the most recent and so on. Truly the power of ebizframe with 1000s of reports comes to you through RepStack.