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The Paper & Packaging Industry is undergoing a period of transition. There is a growing demand for paper in packaging and it is extremely capital hungry. An efficient management and maintenance of assets is critical to keeping costs down. Paper manufacturers need an ERP that standardizes maintenance work flows, while streamlining business processes like procurement. The Paper Industry is cost sensitive and raw material supply is always a challenge to its cost line. Additionally raw material is always under pressure from environmental regulations. Being a legacy industry most paper mills are undergoing massive revamp programs.


Cost saving ERP initiatives like ebizframe erp software packaging helps a customer to achieve complete integration of compatible functions with minimum implementation costs. ebizframe ERP for Paper & Packaging maximizes your return on assets while boosting customer retention, margins and profitability. Our ERP Solution for packaging industry gives you insight into production operations requirements and supply chain and product availability, so you can add value to your services by controlling costs while maintaining quality and support sustainability in your business.


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How we help you to Transform

  • Enhance the productivity
  • Flexible inventory replenishment
  • Rebate tracking
  • Business reporting and analysis
  • Improve customer relationship
  • Control and manage all financial activities
  • Warehouse automation and much more

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