Our client is a leading, private limited liability Ghanaian Oil Marketing Company. It is involved in the marketing of various oil products to its ever increasing number of clients.


    ESS’ Project Managers, with the help of the client, conducted a detailed value-benefit study at the client site after implementation of ebizframe ERP. This was done with the primary objective to quantify the benefits accrued after the implementation of ebizframe ERP.


    DescriptionBefore ERPAfter ERPBenefits
    Legacy System  V/S ebizframeLegacy system was only focused to fulfill the accounting needs of the organizing. It was like a box solution not catering to the OMC operational requirements.ebizframe is a full-fledged integrated ERP Solution tailored to suite the need of an Oil Marketing Company.
    Price Build-upPrice build-up facility was not available in the legacy system. They were calculating the price build-up components in Excel and passing manual entry in the accounting system, which was taking considerable time of the Accounts team.Price build-up functionality has been specially developed catering to the requirements of an OMC thereby facilitating fast and accurate price generation thus saving precious time and resources.
    Order Order entry process at the depot level used to be manual, every month some sales orders used to get diverted tothe competitors resulting in revenue loss for the company. (Estimated diverted order value approx. $ 200,000 per month)All the orders are getting captured online in ebizframe and processed centrally at HO.Saving approx. $ 2.4 million revenue per year.
    InvoicingInvoice generation used to happen at depot and information used to take one day to reach HO for data entry into accounting system.Depot has the access of the system and invoice generation happening at depot in real time data basis.100% accuracy, no delay in revenue booking. Approximate effort of 11 man-days saved per month with the introduction of ebizframe ERP.
    Purchase Order (Stock Order and Direct Delivery) Direct delivery functionality was not available and there was no integration between purchase and sales

    ebizframe ERP provides purchase and sales integration.

    It has functionality for both Stock Order and Direct Delivery Order. One step solution reduces considerable data entry time.

    The Purchase Order processing time got reduced by 50% after implementation of ebizframe ERP.
    Statutory Report GenerationClient had to work and manage multiple excel sheets to prepare the monthly statutory reports which used to consume at least 2 days every month.Now ebizframe ERP generates all the statutory reportsSaving 24 days (1 Man Month) of reconciliation time every year. Subsidy claim cycle from government has become considerably faster.
    Consolidation of Reports Earlier,client was maintaining multiple applications for every department. Data consolidation was very difficult anda time consuming process. Moreover data authenticity was the big issue due to multiple sources of information from different applications.Ebizframe ERP caters to the requirements of all the departments, providing authenticand consolidated data. There is now only one version of the truth.
    Customer StatementCustomer statement was never available in a presentable format as per OMC operational needs. It used to consume 2-3 days every month.Fully configured as per the requirements of an OMC. A Presentable statement is now availablefrom ebizframe ERP at the click of a button.Saving of 1 man-month annually in generating just 1 report of customer statement
    Price Check ValidationDue to manual invoicing, there were frequent errors by depot representativeswith regards toprice on invoice.Price buildup is controlled by HO and no manual over-writing of invoicegenerated using ebizframe ERP.
    Credit ControlEarlier there was no control on credit limit. Due to unavailability of real time information the receivable cyclewas also long.Thanks to ebizframe ERP, real-time information is available, timely follow-up has reduced receivable days.
    Trade Loan/ CommissionManual calculation at the time of invoicing was very difficult andprone to mistakes which also created a lot of customer dissatisfaction. (Used to take 2 days in a month to calculate)Automated and accurate calculation for better customer relation and satisfaction.
    MIS Report GenerationMonthly depot lifting report, fuel margin report, target report used to take 2 -3 days every monthNow available online with ebizframe ERPSaving 36 days annually spent in preparingMIS Report.
    Paper UsageLot of paper wastage in order to transfer the information from depot to HOSignificantly less paper usage after ebizframe ERP implementation.Paper less environment and saving consumable cost.
    PayrollManual processing of payroll used to take at least 1 day of time.Automated process now takes 1 hour to process the payroll of all employees.