ERP in Nigeria

ERP in Nigeria

ERP Company in NigeriaBordered by Benin, Cameroon, Chad and Niger, Nigeria is a federal republic country situated in West Africa. It possesses numerous tribal states and kingdoms. Due to its large economy and population, the country is often known as the ‘Giant Of Africa’. Nigeria’s population is in excess of 182 Million. According to the latest data available, Nigeria is the 20th largest economy in the world. The power of the President is checked by a House of elected representatives known as the National Assembly and a Senate.

Nigerian Economy – A Glance

Nigeria is a mixed economy with a population of middle income group. Nigeria is the world’s 20th largest economy having a GDP in excess of US$ 500 Billion. It is considered a regional power in the African continent. Nigeria has an abundant supply of natural resources and awell-developed financial, legal, communications and transport infrastructure. Its Stock Exchange is the 2nd largest in Africa. Nigeria is the world’s 12th largest producer of petroleum which accounts for 40% of its GDP and 80% of the government earnings. Nigeria is also one of the largest telecommunications market in the world with the government rapidly expanding its telecommunication and space infrastructure. Nigeria has vast unexploited reserves of minerals like gold, bauxite, iron ore, zinc, tin, etc., and the mining sector is gradually gathering steam. Nigeria is a major automobile manufacturing hub and also manufactures leather, textiles, plastics and processed food.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Nigeria

Various ERP Systems in Nigeria have helped many enterprises in integrating and automating various departmental functions across the organization. The basic purpose of an ERP System is to initiate the flow of information between the different business processes and functions within an organization. A versatile and mature ERP Software Nigeria is now considered an integral component for running a successful business enterprise in Nigeria. The Nigerian corporates and other organizations have realized that an ERP System is a power Business Management Software which can enhance their productivity and competitiveness and also ensure optimum utilization of resources.


Critical Benefits of ERP Implementation for Nigerian Business Entities:


  • Rapid Roll-Out, Prompt RoI: The next generation ERP Systems can be implemented rapidly as per customer requirement. This ensures that the customer starts enjoying Return on Investment (RoI) on his capital expenditure at the earliest.
  • Reduction of Human Intervention: All transactional data is captured and securely stored by the ERP System nigeria. The Management can then access this data in whichever format they want,at the click of a button, without waiting for any manual intervention or reconciliation or compilation of report. This enables the Management to take informed decisions much faster.
  • Cost-effective: The licensing policy of next-generation ERP Systems like ebizframe is structured in such a manner that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of the ERP Software is very low in the long run and therefore it turns out to be an extremely cost-effective and attractive proposition to implement an effective ERP System.


Eastern Software Systems (ESS), A Critical Partner in Nigeria’s Progress


ESS, the leading Enterprise Automation Solutions Provider across Africa, has been present in Nigeria for almost a decade. ESS has implemented its flagship product ebizframe ERP across diverse industry verticals in Nigeria from Cosmetics, Logistics, Plastic Manufacturing, Sales & Distribution, Networking Equipment and many more. ebizframe ERP is a web-enabled, multi-lingual, multi-currency, multi-location ERP Suite which offers features that go way beyond vanilla ERP Systems. ESS believes in implementing its IT Solutions directly rather than outsourcing this critical task to under-skilled third-party partners. This ensures that the ERP System is customized and implemented in the shortest possible time and the client starts enjoying the benefits of the ERP Solutions in Nigeria at the earliest.