ERP in Namibia

ERP in Namibia

Namibia, a country situated in Southern Africa has the Atlantic Ocean as its Western Border. It is surrounded by Angola, Zambia, Botswana and South Africa on the other sides. Namibia gained independence from South Africa in 1990 and its capital and largest city is Windhoek. Namibia has a population of around 2.1 million and enjoys stable multi-party democracy. Geographically, Namibia is situated between the Namib and Kalahari Deserts and experiences the least rainfall in Sub-Saharan Africa. The country is mainly dry with many deserts. The Namib desert includes sand dunes and gravel plains with a width varying from 100 to several hundred kilometers along the coastline. Another well-known geographical feature of Namibia is the Kalahari Desert which expands beyond Namibia to neighboring countries like Botswana and South Africa. The coastal deserts of Namibia are one of the oldest in the world. The climate of the coastal areas is generally cold, dominated by the north flowing current of the Atlantic Ocean.

Economy of Namibia – A Glance

Namibia is classified as anUpper Middle Income countrywith an annual per capita GDPof $5,800. It is ranked 87th out of 185 economies in the world in the ease of doing business. Namibia has a highly developed banking system and modern infrastructure. The main sectors of its economy are mining, agriculture, manufacturing and tourism.  Almost 50% of the population in Namibia depends on agriculture for their livelihood. Mining contributes about 25% of the total revenues. It is the fourth-largest non-mineral exporter in Africa and world’s fourth largest exporter of uranium in the world. Among the export earnings, the major contributors are diamond, copper, uranium, zinc and lead. The country is also well-known for semi-precious gemstones, Vanadium, Tin, Sulphur, Silver, Gold and salt. Tourism is another major contributor to the economy with 14.5% share of the GDP and employing 19% of total workforce. Namibia has many resorts, lodges and reserves to cater to the needs of the ever-growing numbers of eco-tourists.

Enterprise Resource Planning in Namibia

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems have played a crucial role in automating the enterprises in Namibia and making them globally competitive. Both private and government organizations have benefited tremendously from the deployment of powerful and versatile ERP Solutions in Namibia over the years. With the help of ERP Systems, private sector enterprises have been able to streamline and automate their operations across multiple locations whilst ensuring optimum utilization of scarce resources. Government departments embracing Enterprise Automation Systems like an ERP System have benefitted by getting better control on their revenues, better manpower allocation and getting better operational control over various locations. This has also ensured that they now provide significantly better and faster service to the citizens.

Powerful Benefits of ERP Software for Namibian enterprises:

  • Reduced distribution costs and enabling global reach – multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-location capabilities are enabled in versatile ERP Solutions.
  • An ERP System is a comprehensiveIT Solution with complete process management from Sales Order to Delivery to Collections, thereby ensuring enhanced customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
  • A Next Generation ERP Solution like ebizframe, ensures availability of operational data across all functions at the click of a button. This data coupled with the powerful Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Tools built-in the ERP System enable the Senior Management to take well-informed decisions faster and also to strategize for the future growth and development of their enterprise.
  • Adoption of world-class business practices embedded in the ERP System leads to increased operational efficiency in an enterprise.

Contribution of Eastern Software System (ESS) & ebizframe ERP in the Enterprise Automation journey of Namibian Enterprises:

  • Eastern Software Systems (ESS) and its flagship product, ebizframe ERP (Africa’s Favorite ERP), have been present in Namibia for several years. ebizframe ERP has played a major role in automating multiple enterprises in Namibia across diverse industry verticals. ebizframe ERP implementationhave proved to be beneficial for these enterprises in many ways. ESS has also successfully implemented cutting-edge e-Governance Solutions for various government departments thereby increasing their productivity, cutting down on resource wastage and ensuring that they deliver quality and prompt service to the citizens. To know more about how ESS and ebizframe can help you fulfill your Enterprise Automation requirements, please write to us at: