erp manufacturing moduleGain an edge over your competitors by delivering the best and on time products using ebizframe ERP Manufacturing Module. Regular updates and reporting helps to make decisions and incorporate changes-on-the-fly quickly to raise manufacturing quality. It improves and speeds up your manufacturing processes from production planning to execution; and effectively manages costs.


Real time data is the backbone for maintaining operational efficiencies. Adapting to changing business environment is a major challenge. Backward and forward planning based on capacity planning helps you schedule and plan your production and resources better.


ebizframe ERP Software for Manufacturing Industry monitors and manages Finances and Inventories even in a multi-plant or multi-geography set-up. It presents a bigger and fuller picture of your manufacturing operations for you. ebizframe ERP manufacturing systems comes with the key feature of Work Centre Management that gives a big and definite competitive edge to the enterprise. It also takes care of workflow management, cost management, consistent supply of raw material, shortages alerts, realistic schedules, capacity utilisations, etc. Moreover, it tracks routes, manages machines and tools service maintenance matrix and quality management as per requirement.


ebizframe's Manufacturing ERP Software is a flexible & scalable business solution that ensures less work outages and continuous growth for the organization. In fact, this all-encompassing solution is designed to solve your manufacturing challenges.

PlanningWork Centre ManagementBill of MaterialsJob Management
Raw Material PlanningWorkstation ManagementResources AllocationShop Floor Inventory
Finished Goods PlanningRoute TrackingByproduct ManagementWip Tracking
SchedulingTools/EquipmentBatch ManagementProduction Feedback

Production/Sales/Template BOM

Create different types of BOMs of different business needs e.g. A different BOM can be created at the time of production as compared to one created at the time of quotation generation.

Queue Management

Same product can be manufactured through different set of processes. So, the order of assembling the product can be altered as per availability of raw materials.


Easily track current status of goods under production. Also the quantity of goods manufactured compared to the quantity demanded in sales order.

Ebizframe ERP in Manufacturing

erp manufacturing module

CORE FEATURES - ERP Manufacturing Module

  • Define and Edit Multi level Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Define Production Processes and associated machines and manpower
  • Manufacturing tracking for a particular work Centre or workstation
  • Indicative price of manufacturing based on BOM
  • Efficient and optimum utilization of all workstations during manufacturing process
  • Forward/Backward Planning

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