ERP in Ghana

ERP in Ghana

ERP GhanaSituated along the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Guinea, Ghana is a country in the West African Sub-region. With a population of approximately 28 million, it is a nation of multiple cultures, ethnicity and religions. It possesses diverse ecology and geography starting from the tropical jungles to the coastal savannas. ERP Software Ghana was the first Sub-Sahara African nation to gain independence from European colonialism. The country is well-known as one of the largest producers of gold and diamond in the world.It stands 5th in the African continent for its Petroleum Reserves and 6th for its Natural Gas Reserves. It is also going to become the largest producer of cocoa in the world.

Economy of Ghana– A Synopsis

The Ghanaian economy has been blessed with abundant natural resources like industrial minerals and hydrocarbons. It produces high quality cocoa and is the largest cocoa producer in the world. The Services Sector accounts for 50% of its GDP followed by Manufacturing 24.1%, Extraction Industries 5% and Taxes 20.9%. ERP Ghana is rapidly transforming itself into a digital-based manufacturing hub for digital technology goods, assembling and export of automobiles and ships, extraction and export of natural minerals and resources such as gold, hydrocarbons and cocoa. It performed a currency re-denomination activity in the year 2007, when the cedi was transformed to Ghana Cedi. According to the GDP record of 2011, it is the fastest growing economy in the entire world.

Also, ebizframe ERP is available in Ghana through IPMC Ghana, Ghana's Leading IT Solutions and Services Provider.

(Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP in Ghana

With the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software, different departments within the same organization can be integrated and then connected easily with the clients, business partners and the suppliers. An ERP System can be used in Ghana for better collaboration and enhanced Supply Chain Management. It decreases the manual tasks, for example, the notification, authorization as well as follow-up process, within the enterprise. Ghanaian enterprises are quickly realizing the need for implementing versatile ERP Systems so as to become globally competitive in an increasingly challenging business environment.


Some Benefits of an ERP System for Ghanaian Enterprises:


  • Cost Management:An ERP System Ghana is a powerful Enterprise Automation tool that is helpful in managing and reducing the operational costs of various departments like Finance & Accounts, Human Resources & Payroll, Production, etc. A common database saves all the essential transactional data and reduces time and resources spent in manual data entry duplication and also helps in reducing the errors substantially.
  • Inventory Management: An ERP Software Ghana is the perfect Business Management Software which helps in automating the various processes and functions involved in Inventory Management. An effective ERP System can easily track the raw-material and finished goods inventory, monitor issues and receipts, substantially reduce physical vs. Book Stock variance and ensure Inventory Valuation and other statutory reports are available at the click of a button.

Contribution of Eastern Software Systems (ESS) in the Development & Modernization of Ghana’s Economy


ESS, the leader in providing Enterprise Automation Solutions in Africa, has been present in Ghana for more than a decade. It has played a critical role in bringing Ghanaian enterprises face-to-face with the best IT Solutions & Services and ensuring their rapid implementation and assimilation. ESS’ flagship product, ebizframe ERP has been successfully implemented for private and government organizations across diverse sectors like Printing & Publishing, Electronic Gadgets Manufacturing, Consumer Products Distribution, Oil Marketing, Quick Service Restaurants, Airport Management, etc. ebizframe ERP ensures compliance with all statutory requirements in line with the local laws and regulations. It ensures that the data is securely stored, backed up regularly and kept secure by having a tight access control mechanism – a user-wise access level can be defined depending on his functional requirements. ebizframe ERP comes with a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and a rapid implementation process which ensures that the customer starts enjoying Return on Investments (RoI) in the shortest possible time. Comprehensive MIS Reports get generated for the Senior Management at the click of a button thereby ensuring that they can take well-informed business decisions faster and without waiting for the tedious and time-consuming manual compilation and reconciliation process followed earlier.


The organization has been in existence for over two decades and offers a complete range of design to print products. The company was founded in 1993.

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