ERP in Gambia

ERP in Gambia

Gambia-erpGambia, officially known as the Republic of Gambia, is a country which is situated in West Africa and considered to be the smallest one in the entire African continent. Located on either sides of the Gambia River, the country covers an area of 10,000 square kms approximately. The capital city of Gambia is Banjul whereas Brikama and Serekunda are the largest cities. The history of Gambia had a strong influence of the slave trade prevalent in the West African nations.

Gambian Economy – A Glance

Gambia possesses a market-based economy with pre-dominance of the traditional farming activity. Around 75% of the total population depends on livestock and crops to earn their livelihood. There are also some small scale manufacturing activities like processing of animal hides, fishing and peanut processing. From 2006-2012 the GDP growth rate of the Gambian economy was a steady 5-6% annually. The economic sectors witnessing high economic activity can be broadly divided into segments like industry, agriculture and tourism.  Of these, the industry covers 12% of the entire GDP and agriculture covers 23% of GDP. Tourism has also steadily developed over the years and today Gambia is well known for European birds and avian fauna.


Enterprise Resource Planning in Gambia

The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software is rapidly making its way into the industries of Gambia. An effective ERP Software ensures seamless capture and dissemination of data across various departments within an organization. The enterprise management can become much easier with a powerful and versatile ERP Solution which aids the decision makers in making well-informed business decisions in real-time. An ERP Software is a very versatile Business Management Software system which seamlessly automates and streamlines of various departments including critical functions like Finance & Account, Production, HR & Payroll, etc. The ERP solution can help tremendously in improving the productivity and competiveness of the manufacturing industries. It can be considered as an enterprise automation tool as well as an improvement application for the entire business operations.


Here are some capabilities of ERP that can be effectively used in the manufacturing sectors: 


  • ERP streamlines processes and aligns them sequentially to enhance the       productivity and competitiveness of an enterprise.
  • It helps in tracking input of raw materials, output of finished goods and the   task status at various stages of manufacturing.
  • ERP transfers information in real time across departments and multiple locations thus ensuring that everyone in the system is working on only one version of the transactional data.
  • It also has powerful Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Tools built-in which help the Senior Management to analyze market trends, predict future demands based on complex statistical models and take course rectification steps wherever necessary.
  • ERP can alter unstructured and ad-hoc processes of routine transactions like approval of purchase orders into a streamlined one in accordance with the company’s policy and guidelines for procurement.

Contribution of Eastern Software System (ESS) in the Introduction and Deployment of ERP in Gambia

ESS has successfully implemented its flagship product, ebizframe ERP, in Gambia for many enterprises. ebizframe ERP is a web-enabled, multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-location Business Management Software Solution which has been successfully implemented for 1000+ clients in 25 countries worldwide. It offers powerful features like User-Defined Workflows, BI & Analytics, Multi-Device Access Capabilities, Great User Interface (UI) and so many more features that are not offered by any other ERP Solution. ebizframe ERP will not only seamlessly automate all the departments in your enterprise but will ramp up the productivity and efficiency of your organization to a different level altogether. ebizframe ERP has been created by Eastern Software Systems, a leading IT Solutions & Services provider in Africa present in the continent for over 15 years and having successfully provided IT Solutions & Services to 300+ private enterprises and government entities in 20 African countries. ESS also provides cutting-edge Application Development & Maintenance (ADM) Services and Total IT Outsourcing (TITO) Services for its clients. For more details on how we can help you cut down on wastage and enhance your competitiveness in an increasingly challenging market environment, please write to us at:  and we will fix up a meeting at your convenience to discuss the matter further.