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ERP Mobility in ebizframe


mobile erp software



It is impossible to imagine today’s world without mobility. The ebizframe App is available on Apple App Store and Android Play Store. All advantages of mobility right from capturing data on the go, to enabling decision making through alerts or receiving the relevant information on your mobile device are available with ebizframe. This ensures that the key users and decision makers can have 24/7 access to ERP wherever they are in the world.



The ebizframe App


Although it’s quite unfair to expect a mobile app to capture all the functionalities of a large and complex system like an ERP but the ebizframe mobile erp software app covers functionalities enough to run business without compromising necessary detail. The ebizframe app is available on both Android Play Store and Apple App Store.


ebizframe SMS


Time is very crucial to every business. Critical business transactions should not suspend due to unavailability of the concerned decision maker on his desk or may be out of reach of internet. Crucial business transactions can be approved or rejected on the go by a simple SMS sent though the concerned person’s mobile erp benefits. Similarly, notification of crucial transactions and happenings in the ERP can be delivered on users’ mobile phones through SMS.