• ebizframe ERP successfully deployed at Africa’s Leading Packaging Solutions Provider

    ebizframe ERP successfully deployed at Africa’s Leading Packaging Solutions Provider

    Client’s Profile


    Our client is the leading manufacturers of paper sacks, corrugated and solid fibre cartons for different industries in the East African Region. They were established in 1967 and are a mid-sized organization located in Uganda. They have completely changed the face of corrugated packaging in East Africa by bringing in state-of-the-art technologies into their manufacturing processes.


    Pre-ebizframe ERP Implementation Scenario


    Earlier, they were using a legacy system which was addressing only the counting needs of the organization. It was a box solution not catering to the company’s specific operational requirements. The old system was not efficient in tracking Job Tickets. As the system was heavily dependent on the manual element and the processes weren’t automated, the management was not able to get information on time.


    Due to the manual processes, duplicate orders were being created. There was no real-time visibility ofthe material availability. It was difficult to get updates from the Production Department and there was a lack of understanding about Production Order Priority. The Sales/Receivable Cycle was long due to restricted control on the Credit Limit Management. The Inventory Management was done manually and the consumables were not managed properly.


    Payroll Processing was done manually and used to take at least 3-4 days every month. There was no proper overtime calculation which led to unsatisfied employees. Also, there was non-availability of MIS Reports as well as of consolidated information for senior management.

    The Solution


    After a thorough evaluation, the client went ahead with ebizframe ERP, an ERP solution from Eastern Software Systems Pvt. Ltd. The client was impressed with ebizframe’smobility and scalability, and it’s state-of-the-art Modules like Finance, Sales, Inventory, Procurement and Planning, Payroll,etc. Also the prospect of a drastic reduction in the man-hours due to the automation of the Production Cycle, expedited the acquisition.


    Post ebizframe ERP implementation scenario


    ebizframe is anintegrated Web enabled ERP Suitewhich is tailored to cater to the requirements of theCorrugated Packaging Industry. Its implementation has led toa properTransaction Cycle. Now there is a full cycle tracking from Job Request till Invoicing with required information. There is a fully online production environment enabling the user to predict the exact delivery date & on-demand costing. A better connectivity between Factory & Sales Office has been achieved with online transactions and reporting.


    There is now a clear visibility of Finished Goods for standard orders and also a timely availability of Debtor Statement without intervention from the Finance Department. The Debtor’s information is now available in real time, which has resulted in timely follow-up and reduced receivable days.


    EAPSL is now in cruise control as far as their Inventory Management is concerned. Rolls wise tracking can be done easily now and there is no need to visit any location as everything has become centralized. The Payroll Processing has been made fully automated and the whole process takes less than an hour. Also, the MIS Reports are now being easily generated using ebizframe ERP.


    Benefits derived out of ebizframe ERP


    • Unified operations, with data integrity across all functions.
    • Online availability of enterprise-wide data, with minimal wait time.
    • Inter-departmental co-ordination for smoother operations.
    • Reduced Cycle Time of P.O. Fulfilment.
    • Timely payment & reduced risk for extra payments to suppliers.
    • Reduced receivables days; thus ensuring better cash flow.
    • Streamlined Credit Control resulting in additional time saving which can be used in other productive activities.
    • Minimal Over-Stocking with full visibility of available Stock across locations.
    • Streamlined & fully functionalInventory Management resulting in reduced inventory levels and carrying costs.