ebizframe Components

ebizframe ERP Components

ebizframe Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software proficiently augments a customer’s competitive advantage as it is a fully integrated and flexible ERP System which includes a broad range of business functions meant to drive efficiency, visibility and overall performance. The various components of ebizframe10, the latest version of ebizframe ERP are:

  • Finance including Budget Planning and Forecasting, Fixed Assets and Costing.
  • Sales from Pre-Sales to Post Sales Service and Marketing Schemes.
  • Human Capital Management including Payroll, Attendance, with add-on Employee Self Service Portal
  • Materials Management including Imports, Warehousing & Transportation and
  • Manufacturing including Discrete and Batch Manufacturing Functionality, backward and forward planning.

ebizframe10 is completely SMAC (Social, Media, Analytics, & Cloud) enabled. SMAC is billed as the “Nexus of Forces” by experts. It allows an organisation to reach out to stake holders outside the organizational eco-system smoothly. This enables an organisation to share common data and to instil best practices enterprise-wide in real-time and to bring about significant transformations.



Analyses current and historical data for future planning and forecasting. This drives organisational efficiencies and powers better business results. It improves operational efficiencies through pre-built and user configurable dashboards, reports, and metrics.



Mobile App that is a true native mobile application for both Android and iOS because mobility adds more speed instantly for greater participation in sharing information and decision making. We follow the latest industry standards to provide code of the highest quality and easy maintainability.


Cloud Based

The Cloud based technology of ebizframe10 ERP System reduces upfront costs significantly vis-a-vis in-house or captive hosting. It not only shrinks costs but also gives faster access to dispersed users. It also makes mobility more meaningful.


Social Functionality

The usefulness of social functionalities is well established and is universally quite well accepted. It boosts communication especially amongst the younger staff that is fully conversant with instant communication. It add-ons social media-styled functionality and interfaces like Facebook and LinkedIn.


Powerful Workflow

ebizframe10 ERP has a clear user definable workflow which can be quickly adapted to exacting operational needs. Our workflow concepts are in tandem with ERP concepts and bring great work synergy, which is responsible for the definition, execution and management of business processes.



ebizframe10 ERP Suite offers templated reporting for daily decisions to the Boardroom Reporting Solution that produces high quality professional reports and documents with the flexibility of customization.