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Discrete Manufacturing

Overcome Complexities of Discrete Manufacturing with ebizframe

ERP System for Manufacturers

While selecting an ERP System for discrete manufacturing operations you have to make sure that the ERP System works with your processes. ebizframe erp Discrete manufacturing industry is essentially concerned with the assembly of products in a continuous process by unification of components manufactured at several units or a single unit. The flexible nature of the process puts high importance on inventory controls, so one has to keep an eye on timely supplies and the cost of inventory transportation. By providing an integrated view ebizframe ERP Manufacturing helps you see the bigger picture.


In discrete manufacturing every business is unique in its own challenges and requirements. ebizframe ERP has the right software solutions with functionalities that effectively manage the complexity of your requirements. It raises customer satisfaction by focusing on the crucial priorities to help you make smarter decisions, reduce wastages and increases production margins. It keeps track of the entire process from the shop floor to the top floor from raw materials to final product. The right manufacturing ERP Software is truly enterprise-wide, and supports a range of operational processes, provides valuable inputs for customer-facing staff besides the general and asset managing staffs.


ebizframe ERP for manufacturing systems improves your Production Plan and process as it executes the material plans precisely in manufacturing with its detailed built-in reports enabling production transformations. ebizframe’s multi-layered Bill Of Materials handling, their linkages to processes, routing and capacity planning provide you high flexibility in planning from Job Card creation to Finished Goods Production with user-defined Quality Assurance (QA) at any or every stage of manufacturing. Whether you operate in one industry or many, ebizframe ERP lets you excel in your field by adapting with minimum customisation quickly. Improved production planning eliminates bottlenecks and idle equipment and reduces costs and streamlines processes for you to grow your revenue and increase profits.

Transform Business By ebizframe ERP Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing ERP Software

How we help you to Transform

  • Define Production Processes and associated machines and manpower
  • Efficient and optimum utilization of all workstations during manufacturing process
  • Manufacturing tracking for a particular work Centre or workstation
  • Define and Edit Multi level Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Indicative price of manufacturing based on BOM
  • Forward/Backward Planning

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