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Get Control of your Business

Control ERP SoftwareBe it the Sales and Marketing function, Financial Management, Client Delivery functions, or Core functions like Production Management or Retail, CEOs spend a vast majority of their energy in trying to ensure that all activities are happening as per plan, following internally approved processes, within the defined norms.


A vast amount of time is spent, countless reports are read with this single objective: that the operations should happen as per plan. People are trained and processes tweaked with this objective.


ebizframe ERP lets you be in control of your business anytime, anywhere. ebizframe has a powerful dashboard function which lets you monitor all critical aspects of your business and ensure that they are within the pre-set parameters. Exceptions are tracked and communicated pro-actively through multiple mechanisms such as SMS or emails.


ebizframe can be accessed on your mobile/tab from anywhere, anytime. A powerful ebizframe App can be downloaded from the Apple Appstore or Android Playstore to access your data and be on top of your business at all times.


Ebizframe ERP helps to get control


How we help you to Transform

  • Highly user-friendly and intuitive design.
  • RepStore: Online reports repository.
  • Import master data from your existing software
  • Deployable on Cloud or on your Servers
  • Multi-company, Multi-location, Multi-currency