Get Time

The biggest challenge for a CEO is to GET TIME

A CEO always wishes that he had more time: To Strategize, To Dream, To chase his passions. A company needs a CEO to think for the future for the company instead of focusing on routine problem solving. If CEO has more time he can devote this time to:


  1. Strategy Building: The pressure of daily operations is normally so high that it gives little or no time to a CEO to contemplate. This can lead to not enough attention being devoted to the future of the company thereby leading to problems tomorrow.
  2. Self: A CEO might wish to spend some time for leisure or with the family. Younger CEOs are not able to spend time with their kids and ageing parents. Because of this distorted work-life balance he is not able to experience things which he holds dear.
  3. Self-Development: CEOs often complain of getting no time for personal development or for keeping abreast with new trends in management/technology related to their business.

ebizframe ERP allows a CEO to Get Time for the above and much more, through:


  1. Allowing you to work from anywhere – whether on a beach or on a glitzy cruise your business is always with you on your smartphone and on your tab for receiving business alerts or granting approvals or collaborating with other senior management executives.
  2. A dashboard on your tablet helps you monitor critical business parameters – financial, sales & marketing, production or any other function without running a single report; at the same time giving you the ability to drill down to any micro level details should you have the need.
  3. Monitor only exceptions in your business – routine information clutter is removed completely.

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