ERP in Angola

ERP in Angola

Angola, situated in Southern Africa, is the seventh largest country in Africa. Modern day Angola originated from the Portuguese colonization.The country is bordered by Namibia, Zambia, DR Congo and the Atlantic Ocean. Angola’s capital city, Luanda, is the largest city of the country and is situated on the Atlantic coast in the northwest of the country. Angola has three major seasons: The dry season between May to October, thetransitional season during the months of November to Januaryexperiencing scanty rainfall and the hot rainy season prevails from February to April.

Economy of Angola – A Glance

Angola’s economy is one of the fastest growing economies of the world with vast reserves of minerals, forests and petroleum. The country has huge resourcesof diamonds, copper, gold, oil and gas and fertile agricultural lands. Diamonds and oil exports constitute almost 60% of the country’s economy. During 2001-2010, Angola clocked an annual GDP growth rate of 11.1% which was the highest in the world. The economy of Angola has achieved remarkable growth after the country achieved political stability in 2002. Angola produces oil in excess of 2.5 million barrels per day. Most of the oil from Angola is exported to the United States and it is the eighth largest supplier of oil in the world. The imports from the US include various industrial goods, chemicals, oilfield equipments, food and aircraft. China is now the main trade partner of Angola and the fourth-largest importer. Bilateral trade between the 2 countries is in excess of US$ 30 Billion. In addition to oil exports and mining, Angola is witnessing growth in the areas of telecommunications, tourism, mass media, vineyards and orchards.

Enterprise Resource Planning in Angola

An integrated business platform such as an ERP software helps in driving productivity in business enterprises. An ERP Software can play a significant role in enhancing the competitiveness of Angolan enterprises and enhancing their efficiency significantly. The various modules of a mature ERP Solution like Finance & Accounts, Inventory, Production, HR& Payroll, etc. can seamlessly automate and integrate the various functions in an enterprise. An ERP Suite is the perfect Business Management Software that can be customized to suit industry-specific needs for any vertical from oil, mining, manufacturing, food processing to retail, wholesale distribution, etc. An ERP can also be implemented for automating various Government functions making them more efficient and ensuring that they provide much better services to their citizens.

Some capabilities of ERP Software that can be effectively used in Angolan enterprises:

  • All the production operations of an enterprise can be automated, streamlined and integrated with other critical functions like Production Planning and Inventory.
  • Capacity utilization can be increased at various locations with the help of an ERP Suite by drastically reducing wastage of resources and enhancing efficiency.
  • An ERP Software can play a critical role in compliance of regulatory norms and laws. This assumes significance in industries like mining wherein there are multiple and complex regulations and statutory norms to be complied with.
  • Raw material inventory can be tightly monitored and controlled to ensure better cash flows and lower piling up of non-moving inventory.
  • A versatile ERP software can be seamlessly integrated with third party applications and other business management software which the enterprise may prefer to use in its operations.
  • Logistics can be managed more efficiently thereby increasing customer satisfaction levels significantly.
  • Operational efficiency across the enterprise can be enhanced drastically. This in turn translates to enhanced customer loyalty and increased sales.