ERP in Algeria

ERP in Algeria

algeriaSituated along the Mediterranean coast of North Africa, Algeria approximately covers an area of 2,381,740 square km. It is the largest country in the Arab world and Africa and is considered to be the 10thlargest in the entire world. Algiers is the capital city of Algeria and the most populous city as well. Ancient Algeria has been witness to many empires and dynasties like the Romans, Vandals, Numidians and other different ethnic groups. Originally, most of the Algerians were Berber but now most of them can be identified with the Arab culture.



Economy of Algeria– A Glance

The economy of Algeria mainly depends on oil and gas. It is a growing economy which has grown by 4% in 2014 from 2.8% in 2013. The agricultural sector contributes about 8% of the entire GDP and employs approximately 14% of the workforce. The amount of agricultural output is not sufficient to feed the entire population of the country. So, 45% of food requirements are generally imported from foreign countries. The Forest Industry could not flourish here due to the frequent fires and unfavorable climate. Fishes like sardines, sprats, bonito, etc. play a great role in the flourishing fishing industry. The public banks mainly dominate the banking sector of the country. Contributing only 1% of GDP, the tourism industry of Algeria still lags behind. The country is very rich in minerals and possesses mines of mercury, zinc, calamine, lead, copper, zinc, etc.

Enterprise Resource Planning in Algeria

For sustaining the growth and development of an Algerian business and to make it globally competitive, an integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)System must be implemented. An ERP is a critical Business Management Software also needed to improve the quality and the visibility of information. Starting from managing day-to-day operational activities to strategic decision making, all the functions in an enterprise can be handled by an ERP Software which is a criticalEnterprise Automation tool.An ERP Software integrates the operations of various departments and ensures that all users are viewing and transacting on the same data. This eliminates the need for reconciliation between departments and saves on tremendous effort and time. Moreover, a mature ERP System is developed keeping the world’s best industry practices and processes in mind, the adoption of these practices by an enterprise not only improves efficiency but also cuts costs significantly.An ERP System also ensures that the entire operations of an organization are visible to the management in a snapshot on their dashboard. This enables the management to take well-informed business decisions promptly.


Critical Benefits of ERP Software for Algerian Enterprises:


  • Analytics and Reports:Mature ERP Solutions like ebizframe also provide powerful Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics Tools which enable the managers to analyze business situations and take critical decisions quickly.
  • Social Media Integration and Device Agnostics: Next Generation and versatile ERP Systems like ebizframe feature complete social media integration and are accessible on any smart device like smartphones, tablets, etc., in addition to computers. This enables that executives on the move can access the ERP anytime, anywhere and approval decisions don’t remain pending because of the approving authority not being available.